…megapolises. And this is not paradox but regularity because “civilized” countries, large cities and megapolises maximally accumulate all the factors destroying people’s genetics psychics and mind. At present rulers of “civilized” countries mention proudly incredible figures of annually conducted operations concerning the transplantation of donor organs and implantation of artificial analogues with the help of which surgeons regenerate working capacity of many organism systems with inborn pathologies. Undoubtedly these are great achievements of human mind but also it is a tragic indicator of the state of genetics of these nations, the scale and tempos of their genetic degeneration. We should not be proud of it but it is necessary to announce national alarm.

     In God’s Message there is the main reason for genetic degeneration - it is the vice bacchanalia, horrible viciousness of the life style of many people and they are peculiar especially for “civilized” countries, large cities and megapolises. In a number of countries, especially Moslem ones tough religion and severe public morality have been insuperable obstacle to vice for centuries that is why so far there have not been any demonstrations of vice but the processes of globalization inevitably involve these countries in the whirl of communication with other peoples that have already dropped in the abyss of vice. These processes fret the barriers on the way to vice existed for centuries and the process of genetic degeneration will become more apparent where they will collapse. Incredible wave of vice overflow the Earth in the twentieth century and the threat of genetic degeneration have hanged over the entire humanity.

     The direct destructors of human genetics are drugs, venereal diseases, AIDS, alcohol, radiation pollutions of people’s environment, electromagnetic radiation from plenty of the household appliances,  with which people surrounded themselves rashly, chemical components of food products and drinks, synthetic drugs, incredible “chemization” of people’s environment and “sexualization”  of people’s life style. Shameless producers throw out on the market a lot of food products, drinks, food additives, synthetic drugs, stimulators, medical means of contraception and household means containing a lot of substances that influence human genes and brain, destroy his mind and genetics. It is possible to notice this influence only in dynamics but it is necessary to do long-term research – the result can be seen in the second, third, fourth and further generations but such investigations are not conducted. 

     The organism of every person has become a specific chemical reactor where he himself throw a lot of harmful chemical substances and there they react with each other producing new substances that are more harmful for his mind, flesh and genetics. The most frightening is that it starts at the period of prenatal development and develop from the first days of a child’s life because doctors “pump” strenuously pregnant women and then newborns with synthetic drugs, silly mothers from the first day start feeding their children with advertised artificial mixtures with a plenty of chemical components and they do not understand that there is nothing more curative and useful than maternal milk. As a result for a long time a lot of physical factors and chemical substances have depressed the genes responsible for the forming of organs and systems of life activity of human organism at the period of his prenatal development and further life, as a result the human genome is destroyed, his program begins to work with breakdowns that is why children with diverse pathologies and deformities are born, the list of diseases and sickness rate are swiftly growing. This is the mechanism of genetic degeneration.

     In 2006 Nobel Prize was awarded to the work of the American geneticists which had found the method of gene suppression with the help of the substance selected by them. Many scientists-doctors present the method found by them as revolution in medicine. It is emphatically stated that using this method it will be possible to relieve people from all diseases in future. These scientists considered a man to be the “wreath of evolution” of animate nature and concluded that the human genome formed as a result of accidental processes, it is imperfect and this explains human liability to hard diseases, the birth of freaks, inborn pathologies. Many scientists even believe that there are a lot of absolutely excessive genes in the human genome and that it initially contains the genes that cause diseases but they do not understand that it is the result of their destruction. That is why the rollicking idea to improve the genome and learn to “repair” it was born. Its authors fondly believe: we can suppress the genes forming cancerous growth and relieve people from cancer; we can suppress other genes and relieve people from AIDS. This deepest error will lead to the catastrophe.

      The Creator did not put the genes forming cancer cells in the human organism but in the genome of many modern people there are some mutilated genes that have lost their ability to form healthy cells and form self-destroying ones. That is the real cause and nature of cancer. It is falsely in principle to name these genes antigens, they are exactly mutilated genes – this name absolutely precisely reflects their origin. If a child inherited these genes from his parents he will be born with inborn oncological diseases and if he inherited them in working state but with critically low potential some additional influence will be enough for them to lose their ability to form healthy cells and the disease will start during his life. Steady growth of these diseases and their constant “rejuvenation” argue about the growth of a number of the newborn children which inherited these genes with critically low potential from their parents. If the representative of some family die from cancer during several generations and it happens in younger age then in the nearest generations of this family they should wait for the birth of the children with oncological diseases already and this family is doomed, that is why it will be more sensible to break it off knowingly and reject from having children not to doom the descendants to sufferings from the first day of their life.

     As it is impossible to start a broken watch by simple removal of a worn out detail it is impossible to “repair” the damaged genome because there is nothing that can replace mutilated genes, all interventions in human genetics will only aggravate the situation, and the projectors will make sure in it themselves very soon. By the end of the twenty first century a part of newborn children with inborn pathologies and deformities will have reached the terrifying maximum and even the most dim-witted will have to acknowledge the fact of genetic degeneration and humanity will inevitably realize what grace the Creator has done warning about this mortal threat in time. Scientists should leave the nonsensical thought about the genome “repair” (as it is impossible) and try to work out the procedure of reliable defining of its breakings so that doctors could conduct the precise diagnostics of human genetics and warn spouses that they can not give birth to healthy children and they must reject themselves from this idea if these breakings are catastrophic. It would become the most valuable discovery in the field of medicine. But it will be very difficult to work out this procedure, it is the hardest task and it is unlikely that they will manage to solve it completely especially in the twenty first century. Scientists will learn to reveal damaged genes for sure but they hardly will find the way to measure genes’ potential and discover the initial stage of their suppression, reveal genes with critically low potential. But unfortunately this task has not even been formulated by science yet.

     Humanity salvation is also not in the further finding of the ways of “general overhaul” of unviable newborn children, not in the working out of biotechnologies for artificial growing of human organs for this “repair” - it is the dead-end way, it is just necessary to stop producing them irresponsibly. And it can be done. Our ignorant ancestors (in contrast to modern supposedly enlightened people) knew very well that a girl ill from birth as well as the same young man could not produce healthy children and people with psychic disorders and defective mind would produce only their likeness that is why they did not let them make families and have children that means they led sensible and extremely tough selection of family successors. As a result during many millenniums healthy progeny was born. We should remember about this invaluable experience of our ancestors forgotten due to our stupidity because now even those people that are contra-indicated to have children (in particular people with inborn weak-mindedness, damaged psychics, oncological and other mortal diseases)produce progeny and that is why the birth of waning children has already become mass phenomenon. 

     The present work of Nobel prize-winners will not commit any revolution: the clamor will fade and everybody will forget about it. But the discovery of American geneticists is the direct evidence of the possibility of the destruction of human genetics, the possibility of genetic degeneration though they themselves do not suspect about it.

     The peculiarity of the current millennium is that the process of nations’ genetic degeneration will coincide with the peak of the programmed immunity and reproductive function decrease at the people of modern formation. In countries with the highest level of viciousness the quantity of ancestors will be minimal, as a result the quantity of their descendants will also be paltry, and the decrease of immunity and reproductive function will be stopped at them. Summation of the processes of genetic degeneration and programmed fading of the most vicious people can lead to the full disappearing of some nations. What? Our not distant descendants will know about it but it is said in the Message that the threat hanged over the peoples of predominantly white race. It is pointed out there that from the thousand of created by the Creator and created by God human modifications on a concrete planet as a result would stay only about seven hundred fifty – others will die out completely. I do not think that on our planet the final result will differ essentially from the average one. Thirty nine thousand years ago all nations began their history under equal conditions but only the most numerous nations have lived this period with maximum benefit for themselves and can be proud of it by right. It is possible to avoid the genetic degeneration of a nation only by one way – by quick and tough extermination of vicious permissiveness.  We should put under the severe control the production and sale of food products, drinks, drugs – everything that can get into people’s organism and affect their genetics distantly.

      Humanity managed to live on the Earth thirty nine thousand years and multiply to six and a half milliards only due to the infection mechanism of natural selection but medicine and pharmaceutics developing intensively at last centuries started gradually to “turn off” this mechanism and in the twentieth century in “civilized” countries it is almost completely “turned off”. Doctors have found methods to nurse unviable newborn children including even prematurely born children with extremely low body mass, save the people whose organism is not able to resist viruses, microbes and bacteria from death and they live only due to systematic reception of the anticontagious drugs the production of which has been put on the flow by pharmaceutics. So far all this has seemed to be the great achievement of medicine and pharmaceutics. Having understood the mechanism of genetic degeneration I can not agree with this unjustifiedly enthusiastic esteem. The people whose organism has lost viability produce less viable progeny which can live only with constant medical help; it means they untwist maximally the wheel of genetic degeneration. That is why it has naturally gathered speed in the countries with the most developed medicine and pharmaceutics.

     At the end of October 2009 information agencies spread around the world the “sensational news” – American geneticists managed to grow male sperm and female ovules from stem cells. Commentators not burdened by big intellect began to state excitedly that at present men and women are not necessary for humanity reproduction, geneticists will do it in their laboratories. At sensible people this “sensation” caused a reasonable question – and why is it necessary? It turned out that the aim of the “authors” of this discovery was to find a possibility for people with inborn barrenness to have children because now they compound more than one percent of the USA population and their part is constantly growing. It should seem that having such quantity of barren people the sacred duty of American scientists is to find the cause of inborn barrenness and to eliminate it for people to be born with normal reproductive system. But in the USA this thought could not be even “born” as the mentality of these people is aimed at enrichment only. That is why American medicine learnt to make big money long ago even from human diseases. Why should they find out the causes of barrenness and eliminate them if it will reduce the customers of American clinics for millions? As a result American scientists did according to national mentality – they started to work out the method of getting artificial sperm and ovules to fulfill the transfer of conceived and grown in test tubes embryos to the women which are barren themselves or have a barren husband as it promises the income of trillions dollars to American clinics. But they do not understand that the child conceived in a test tube by fertilization of an artificially grown ovule by the artificially grown spermatozoid from the cells of a man with damaged genetics will inherit all these genetic disorders and will be born with the same inborn barrenness. To add to this as in the case with cloning he will not have soul and that is why he will not require mind. But all this will not be revealed at once and now the authors of the sensational “discovery” are able to snatch a large sum from the patients that are made fools of.

     This approach has flourished in the USA for a long time. Several years ago some reportage from the genetic laboratory was shown on TV. Its head said with pride that his group had managed to find the solution of a very important problem. People in the USA like domestic cats very much but more than two hundred fifty thousand families have to refuse from these charming animals  as they cause the strongest allergy at their owners.  Geneticists from this laboratory did not start looking for the cause of this inborn pathology either but they realized at once that they can get a good capital from this disease. As the result of their research they found out that the allergen was not the cats’ hair coat itself as it had been considered earlier but some special substance extracted by hair and a special gene is responsible for it. They found the way of its suppression with the help of the selected substance and organized the breeding of a new allergen-free cat breed. Though the price of a kitten of this breed is about one thousand and a half dollars there will be a lot of purchasers. Multiply two hundred fifty thousand of potential purchasers by a kitten’s price – and you will define the size of the sum which they reasonably account to get. And now ask yourself a question why did not geneticists start to find out the reason of inborn allergy and did not aim at saving people from this misfortune, why do not oncologists find out the real cause of inborn oncological diseases and continue looking for expensive methods of their treatment and build a great number of oncological centers for it? And also ask yourself the other question – whether scientists-doctors will find the methods of the diagnostics of people’s genome to exclude conception and birth of children with pathologies? The answers to both questions have the same answer  and is is unfortunately negative. Neither modern medicine nor pharmaceutics will destroy the base of their existence as if children with pathologies and deformities stop to be born these fields will not be necessary to humanity and at least multiply will decrease their scales, many millions of doctors and pharmacists will become unemployed. This sad conclusion does not mean that only malefactors and insolent money-grubbers work in these spheres but the fact of appearing, existing and constant broadening of these fields is predetermined by the presence and permanent growth of the quantity of ill people, steady broadening of the list of diseases and increase of their heaviness. Only healthy people will “bury” these prosperous fields so why should they order their own funeral? All hope is only on coming generations, may be they will be able to create medicine and pharmaceutics on other principles of functioning.

     In God’s Message an extremely negative esteem is given to modern genetic “engineering”. This branch of biology has just been born and makes its first steps. The geneticists of only eight countries (including Russian) have decoded the general configuration of the human genome but they do not know the genetic “device” of the main part of live creatures of animate nature, did not understand the unique rule of animate world creation and even do not know about the program of every live creature’s genome functioning but genetic “engineers” have already thought themselves to be all-powerful modernizers of the live world. We can hear these “engineers” loud statements that they will find ways of relieving people from all diseases, that they will increase the capacity of human memory and other nonsense like that. In reality modern genetic “engineers” are like the monkeys which were mistakenly put in the room where there are a lot of harnessed grenades and mines and we can expect only misfortune from them. They only will untwist the fry wheel of genetic degeneration and first of all in “civilized” countries. The nearest generations will make sure of the correctness of this tough conclusion.

     So what should the remaining generations of modern formation do, can the nations avoid the complete genetic degeneration? For some years I have tried to understand why God in his Message so strictly pointed out that the peoples of predominantly white race can die out completely. In the Message there is some indication on the fact that exactly peoples of this race turned their might into vicious goals and plunged into the abyss of vice and this became the cause of their degeneration. This direction seems to explain completely the sad perspective of these peoples but the feeling that something was not said did not leave me for a long time. But then I have understood that only acquisitiveness moves the medicine and pharmaceutics of these peoples (by the way they are considered to be the most progressive now) and they are interested in the fact that there will be more ill people and that  their diseases will be harder and I have realized what else the God meant. Any business is vicious in its essence but the medical and pharmaceutical are the vilest kinds as they get profit from people’s diseases. Modern medicine and pharmaceutics are the systems generated by the super vicious society and contaminated by all its vices to the limit, they will not get rid of them until nations awaken from vicious madness and this will happen only when genetic degeneration comes into the irreversible stage. That is why I came to the conclusion that peoples can be saved from genetic degeneration only with the help of women if they choose only men with undisturbed genetics and if they will not give birth to children if their own genetics have catastrophic disorders. When children were born healthy, women bore children calmly from those men with whom they lived but these times passed away irrevocably long ago. For many last millenniums in many countries and first of all populated by peoples of a white race the healthiest men were methodically killed in numerous wars. As a result the largest loss was crippled to the male gene pool and now many men are not able to produce healthy progeny a priori and many men have lost the ability to reproduction. That is why in the current millennium the process of humanity reproduction should become sensible to the limit, it is necessary to exclude accidental and thoughtless conceptions completely. Every future mother should realize one simple verity in the adolescence: what her child will be is predictable before the conception but it is necessary for her to know the state of her genetics and of the genetics of a future child’s father for certain. The future mother herself can define it sufficiently for sure. If she was born without serious pathologies and is not subjected to frequent diseases then she is capable of bearing healthy children but for conception she should select the same man. And if a man was born with much pathology and by his age of majority he has the history of his diseases in many volumes then he can not be regarded as a fiancé or a sperm donor. The true elite of every people make neither people having power nor fortune possessors and diverse “stars” but the people that were born without any pathologies, that are not ill, do not visit doctors and drugstores. This is the gene pool with the genetics that is not damaged yet. There are very few of them now but it has not come into anybody’s mind to learn at least their names. But only they are capable of producing healthy progeny and that is why it is necessary to look for fiancés and brides only among them. Exactly from this true elite ancestors will be selected. Though their names will stay unknown but the wise women dreaming of bearing healthy and clever children can calculate them due to their perfect health, high intellect and righteous style of living, full progeny. Every woman whose genetics is not damaged should choose religiously the most suitable man for the conception keeping in mind that it is possible to bear a healthy child only from an ancestor or his descendant. If she manages to find an ancestor (or his descendant) and conceive a child from him then fading away will not threaten them and their descendants as their immunity will not decrease. From the choice made by a woman the further destiny of her family will depend. And the further destiny of every nation will depend on the fact how many children women will bear from ancestors and their descendants. The nations where ancestors and their descendants will not be able to find women with undisturbed genetics and the soul which is not depraved are doomed to complete extinction.

      The Message dispelled people’s sly belief that God gives life to a child – he has given life to humanity and parents give life to a child and God just endows the fetus conceived in a woman’s womb with soul regardless of the fact whether he is healthy or not. And then parents carry all responsibility for their child. Every individual of the remaining generations of modern formation has the triune task – not to spot his soul with sin, produce healthy progeny and bring it up righteously. And people with damaged genetics (born with hard pathologies and deformities) should reject from having children as the birth of a child with inborn pathologies and deformities is the hard sin – parents cause him big evil and condemn him to lifelong torments by the fact of his birth itself. This sin becomes the hardest if the parents reject from him, their life in the skin of a primitive man will be not long-term but eternal. this thing must be realized by everyone.

     In November 2008 the whole world discussed the news shocking by its unnaturalness that came from Great Britain, Hunny Johns a 13-year old girl obtained through court the right to … die. She was born with leukemia, i.e. all the genes responsible for the functioning of hematopoietic system turned out to be deformed. Her mother was shown on TV, she seemed to be rather healthy hence the girl inherited these genes from her father or they were damaged during the prenatal development.  Medicine is not able to cure this illness but according to the British law doctors must not stop treating such patient up to the last day of his life. This girl spent thirteen years in hospital where doctors “treated” her strenuously, transplanting marrow, and conducting innumerous courses of chemotherapy. From the very beginning the lethal outcome was evident to doctors but they had to designate medical treatment not to be accused of the breaking of a law, knowing at the same time that this treatment is useless. Thirteen years of uninterrupted “treatment” beat completely the girl’s heart that was born healthy and it was necessary to replace it by a donor one. The girl understood with her childish brain that it would not be a happy end but only the regular and not last stage of new torments because then it would be necessary to replace her worn kidneys and then liver. She realized that all “treatment” is conducted only in order to keep within the law and constitutes pitiless torture. The cynicism of the British law is that till thirteen years old neither the girl herself nor her mother could stop this torture. Then she escaped from the hands of her torturers in order to live the remaining time at home and die of natural death. All vileness of medical business is that patients with the hardest inborn pathologies constitute the “goldmine” for paid clinics all over the world, provide their existence and prosperity. You should not be surprised if “medical luminaries” from these clinics for many coming decades will make us believe that there is no genetic degeneration at all and the birth of children with the hardest pathologies they will explain as “mistakes of nature”, malicious fate or intrigues of insidious aliens, with foam at the mouth they will prove that it is unpredictable. They will stand up for their “goldmine” up to the end because if children with inborn pathologies disappear they will stay without work and large incomes. My dear readers, if you do not want your child to repeat the destiny of this British girl think a lot from whom you can conceive him. Medicine will not learn to define genetic disorders at people soon. That is why at least another several generations of women will have to rely only on my advice while evaluating the state of their own genetics and the genetics of a future child’s father.  With whom to live – decide yourselves, proceeding from your own believes about a partner in life. The mistake in solving this issue is not fatal and quite rectifiable: at any moment you can divorce and find yourself another partner in life – a new legal husband or a new common-law husband. And the mistake in the question from whom to bear is impossible to correct and that is why the answer must be absolutely infallible. Continue living with your partner in life (husband or cohabiter) which provided woman’s happiness for you but if everybody says that his progeny will be waning or excessively vicious then only a man with undisturbed genetics and without obvious vicious inclinations can bring you maternal happiness. Look for him otherwise maternity can turn your further life in a terrible tragedy.

     In the Message it is pointed out that parents carry full responsibility for their children till the age of majority and the sin committed before this date becomes also the sin of the parents.  That is why it is not enough to bear a healthy child it is necessary to bring him up righteously. To avoid genetic degeneration people must cure their souls from vicious madness at first. It is possible to do only perceiving God’s Message. The cured one will make decisions about the continuation of a family sensibly and responsibly, bring progeny up righteously and the process of humanity cure will start gathering speed at the end of the current century but its tempo will be absolutely diverse in different countries.

     The mechanism of genetic degeneration let find the explanation of mind’s greatness and lameness. If parents’ genetics is perfect then the child conceived by them will have a perfectly hard-working genome. If it does not get any damages during prenatal development, during delivery and the first years of life then healthy genes will form a developed brain of this individual. This biological computer will have maximal might and its possessor will have all chances to become a genius if it “loads” the maximum of true knowledge in him. But as there are only few geniuses this happy concourse of circumstances happens very seldom in reality. More often parents have a damaged genome and the brain of the child conceived by them will either develop partially or will have local effects. As a result the maximal might of this biological computer will be unachievable. According to the degree of brain underdevelopment the abilities of a born child can vary in the widest range – from high enough to full imbecility. Doctors know the cases of the birth of children without brain, this means that all their parents’ genes responsible for its forming were damaged or they were damaged at the initial stage of prenatal development. In this case an imbecile is naturally born. Scientists have already found that the brain of geniuses differs essentially from the brain of ordinary people but so far they have not understood the reason, I explained it. Unfortunately in many countries the process of genetic degeneration tends to impetuous growing that is why the probability of the birth of geniuses will steadily decrease and the part of imbeciles and half-imbeciles will steadily increase hence inevitable stupidity of these nations. This fate expects first of all peoples of a white race.

     It is said in the Message that God considers it a sin if a girl looses her virginity before marriage.   At first it seemed to me a very strict esteem but after understanding the mechanism of genetic degeneration I have realized that great wisdom is put in this strictness. The sense of keeping virginity before marriage is that a girl should not deform her genetics and organism by pharmacological means of contraception, abortions (especially medical), venereal diseases, HIR and could bear healthy children, she should not deprave her soul by the madness of permissiveness and could bring them up righteously. And the most “civilized” nations considered this sin the prejudice of “dark” ancestors and untwisted the fry wheel of genetic degeneration to maximum. The destiny of the nations that will not be able to realize this fact is unenviable. But God explained that the lost of virginity as the result of cruel rape or acute seduction by sin is not a sin for a girl, that is why she should not lay hands on herself and society should not despise and disregard her. If the conception happened after these actions the girl should get rid of this fetus because this child will inevitably inherit the violator’s cruelty or the seducer’s cynicism and her maternity will be deliberately unhappy. God does not oblige a person to lead the puritanical style of living but everybody who sees the sense of life only in “free sex”, turned it into bestiality and untwists the fry wheel of genetic degeneration will live in the skin of a primitive man for a long time.

      The process of genetic degeneration will have become an evident fact in many countries by the middle of the twenty first century and through the realization of this mortal threat people will come to understanding of the necessity of God’s Message studying, will realize its great significance for the remaining generation of vicious people.


Scientists, my successors and God’s Message voluntary distributers will help people to realize their genuine origin

      The events followed after the publishing of the book “God’s Message to the people of Earth” made me sure that God led in advance several groups of scientists in different countries to the discoveries that should become the key evidences of the originality of the picture of growing up the terrestrial civilization presented in his Message. I will give the several evidences that have become known to me though in reality there are more of them and scientists can continue this list themselves.

  1. In the twentieth century scientists discovered that some parts of human brain are always in an activated state and can not understand the reason. God’s Message revealed it – since the moment of the ripening the brain of every person is attached to the Universal communication net which reads off all sinful deeds stamped by his memory. Activation indicates what brain areas are twenty-four-hour “transmitters” of the information about the outrages planned and did by a man. This is how the Most High’s All-seeing Eye acts and nobody can hide from it.
  2. Not long before God’s Message a group of American geneticists came to the conclusion that all people of Earth originated from one couple of ancestors. They are absolutely right and the Message gave an exhaustive explanation to their discovery – the genetics of all nations originates from the Firstborn man and woman created by the Creator, all nations are their modifications. This conclusion of the scientists is very important because it is made by them before God’s Message.
  3. Extremely important is the discovery of a group of “silent” genes in the human genome among which there are the genes responsible for the immunity made by American geneticists in 2006. The scientists themselves could not find any explanation to their own discovery, the Message gave it – this is the direct evidence of equipped by God mechanism of the fading away of the formation of vicious people. The most vicious people will remain outboard the process of directed selection, will inevitably lose their immunity and ability to reproduction. As a result by the end of this millennium the formation of vicious people will have been replaced by the formation of perfect people which will live on Earth eternally. And “silent” genes will again become active in the organism of perfect people that is why they will have the highest immunity and will not be subjected to diseases. Among the “silent” genes American geneticists have also found the genes of smell. The clue to this phenomenon was also given in God’s Message. At primitive men these genes were active that is why they could find easily everything that was dangerous for them, found natural drugs. At the people of the second formation these genes were transferred in the regime of inactivity and in the organism of perfect people these genes will be active again as a result they will be able to define infallibly what is harmful or mortal to them.
  4. Astronomers have already discovered about two hundred planets in other star systems and were surprised by some strangeness: everywhere larger planets are located closer to the star and the smaller the planet the farther it is located from it. But it is not so in the Solar system. God’s Message gave an explanation to it too: there is Life or it will be only on specially created planets, star systems are also created on purpose where these planets are located as the star in this case is created as an eternal Luminary. Hence the dissimilitude of the Solar system on others, non-standardization of the planets location in it.  The conclusion of some scientists that it is created with the participation of the unknown mind is also important. Though they could not name it but it completely corresponds to verity. We should seek animate world only in star systems with the non-standard location of planets and it is possible only on the planets the parameters of which are close to the Earth ones.
  5.  In April 2006 was published the discovery of Russian physicists who had managed to establish experimentally that in a human there was always some energetic substance which disappeared only in some time after his death. Hot realizing it they revealed the human soul. This is one more key confirmation of the originality of the picture of genuine human “arrangement” presented in the Message at that the most important as the human brain is a biological computer and his soul is his operational program. Exactly soul endowed a man with mind. But in contrast to the operational program of a hand-made computer soul is able to rejoice, feel grace, suffer and experience the torments of payment for sins. People were mistaken believing that a man loves with his heart, our soul feels love. Humanity will inevitably understand that exactly soul constitutes the man’s essence and his flesh is only the material cover of soul, a tool for perceiving the world and fulfilling its commands. First of all we should care of the soul purity and many people care only of body purity.
  6. Darwin’s theory was not supported by the world scientific community unanimously and at the beginning of the twenty first century five hundred fourteen leading scientists of the USA signed the appeal concerning the inadmissibility of its further presentation as the scientific verity because it had not found heavy scientific confirmations. They are right; it is erroneous because it is not coordinated with the genetic fundamental principle of live creatures in no way. C. Darwin did not even suspect of the existence of genes and the genetic mechanism of species inheritance which excludes completely the phenomenon of changeability and possibility of some evolution invented by him. For more than a century Darwinists were sure that a man was the “wreath” of evolution of animate nature and that Neanderthal men became the ancestors of Cro-Magnon men – the first human formation. German geneticists from the University named after Max Plank decided to get the direct scientific evidence of the monkey origin of humanity and started decoding of the genome of the Neanderthal man who lived on the Earth 38 thousand years ago. The date of finishing these complex investigations was specially planned at the beginning of 2009 to date the announcement of the result to Darwin’s bicentenary. But German geneticists did not manage to offer a present to the jubilee of the British “genius”- it turned out that the Neanderthal man’s genome was so different from a human one that its belonging to the appearance of Cro-Magnon men (the science names the people of the first formation this way) was completely excluded. And the theory of evolution excludes any other humanity ancestor. That is why instead of the confirmation of the monkey origin of humanity German geneticists had to dispel it forever; they hourly destroyed the fundament not only of biology and medicine but of many other sciences turning the Himalaya Mountains of textbooks and scientific literature into literary trash. Plenty of scientific “achievements” including the famous series of pictures illustrating “the process of the monkey turning into a human” and mentioned in every biology textbook turned out to be a vulgar falsification. The reaction of mass media is rather representative – the information concerning the sensational discovery of German geneticists remained at paper pages and on TV only one day and than started the total concealment of the truth that highlighted their unseemly role in the long-term and persistent obtrusion of the wrong theory of its origin to the mankind.

The discovery of German geneticists spells the death on Darwin’s theory and is the key confirmation of the originality of the picture of creating of animate nature and growing up the terrestrial civilization represented in the Message. I am sure that exactly God led them to this discovery to close the history of Darwinism. It will accelerate significantly the perception of his Message by the world scientific community. But it will not be a simple and quick process; scientists will need a lot of time to realize the genuine origin of animate nature and people and to rewrite all textbooks. The fact is that even the most persistent followers of Darwin’s theory in the second half of the twentieth century realized that dead matter can not “bear” live one and the thought of an independent rise of Life on Earth is obviously erroneous. Then appeared the hypothesis that the first live creature from which the process of evolution began was brought to Earth from space by the meteorite. Though this hypothesis leaves without an answer the question – and how did it appear in the Universe they jumped at that idea seriously. At first on Soviet and then on the international space station the scale experiments the aim of which is to prove this possibility have been conducted for a long time. The logic of their initiators is simple – if some evidence is obtained then it will be easier to convince humanity of Darwin’s rightfulness. Everything came to the successful completion of their design if it were not the German geneticists that contradicted the evolution finale itself as except the Neanderthal man other ancestor of humanity  the theory of the “British genius” did not suppose and completely excluded. If you think that Darwinists will reconsider their attitude to the theory of evolution you are mistaken. As far back as at the end of the twentieth century they also understood that a man endowed with mind could not be born by a monkey deprived of intellect according to their opinion. At that time appeared another hypothesis according to which the earthlings were the descendants of the aliens that had flown to our planet formerly. As though expeditions flew from four different planets and they gave life to people with different skin color and essential differences in appearance, Darwin’s theory does not answer these questions at all. But again this hypothesis does not answer how people appeared on those planets but not to notice obvious things became habit at Darwinists. So the discovery of German geneticists will not pose them. Moreover they will defend their point of view with more persistency – the first live creature was brought to Earth from space, then the evolution process started, the result of which became animate nature in its modern look and humanity pedigree starts its history from aliens. And be sure they will find a lot of followers not only in the scientific community but also among ordinary people. To be more exact they would find if not for God’s Message. It is impossible to contradict the picture of creating the people’s habitat on our planet and of growing up the terrestrial civilization presented in it as it answers absolutely all questions especially because the key scientific confirmations of this picture have already been found by scientists themselves. But nevertheless the most persistent Darwinists will not refuse from their point of view; they will most probably die but will not admit the genuine origin of Life. You can ask why? They did this way because of the fear that they will have to answer for the fact that for many years they have loudly rejected God and have made a fool of young generations by monkey origin. Exactly animal fear of the inevitability of payment for hard sins will prevent many people from reading this publication up to the end. Will there be a lot of such people? I believe so. So does it turn out that the Most High sent his Message untimely? No it does not. At first it can be very few people which will perceive it immediately and irreversibly but their number will constantly and strenuously grow.

     As soon as the evidence that a man does not live on Earth once and the souls of righteous people gain new flesh again on Earth is received the majority of humanity will realize quickly that Life on our planet was created by God. I am absolutely sure that it will have been received by the middle of the twenty first century; it is not excluded that I will have the direct relation to this evidence. It will be a turning point in the history of the modern human formation. By this time the absolute majority of people will have had the souls of either earth righteous men passed through the next circle or the souls of the aliens sentenced to the second passing through the vice circles on Earth. Both will have certain immunity to sin and that is why from the middle of the twenty first century we should wait for the quick growth of people’s interest to God’s Message and by the end of this century the majority of humanity will have known about it, humanity will ultimately realize its real origin and will make correct conclusions from the Message.

      I consider necessary to warn all readers of God’s Message about the inanity of looking for gaps or errors in it – the Most High in his small Message could not reveal the picture of Life creation on our planet in the whole fullness, moreover he could not discover many of his secrets to genetically vicious people for them not to use these secrets in their vicious goals. The coming generations of the people of the second formation will reward the earth interlocutor of the Prophet, his widest scope and even persistence as he has asked very important questions and as a result humanity has got answers to them. But he was limited of time and could not clear out everything that troubles every concrete person. The things that are discovered in the Message are absolutely enough for a man with normal mind and pure soul could realize his genuine origin and understand possible variants of the destiny of his soul development and to build his life correctly. The Message is addressed exactly to such people. I understand that it will be difficult for people of little education to realize many theses of the Message and they should not set such problem to themselves, without any difficulty they can imagine all “delights” of life in the skin of a primitive man and will understand the main thing that it is possible to avoid this fate but it is necessary to live their lives not making evil (harm) to their organism, other people and animate nature.  And that is why they are able to perceive the Most High’s Message. It is useless and above all senseless to explain anything to people with depraved souls – they have already predetermined irreversibly the fate of their souls and it is possible to bring their souls to reason only on the Hell circles. This will be done by the Most High. That is why I will not be distressed with the refusal of these people to read this publication. By the way after coming through the Hell circles on an unknown planet they will become stable righteous people, will come successfully through the vice circles, gain the look of a perfect man and eternal life in Paradise on other planet. They will have to blame only themselves, their stupidity and pride for the fact that the way to Paradise will take them excess several hundreds thousands or even millions years.

     As for the people whose souls will be condemned to eternal Hell God is gracious to them too – they will live but in the skin of a primitive man. Though their life will be very extreme but they will have a possibility to enjoy the beauty of nature, taste its gifts, there will be even some minutes of happiness – if they will manage to escape from a furious beast and stay alive. But every life they will finish in the same way – in terrible torments of the body racked by beasts and they will feel completely the infernal pain that they caused other people in their terrestrial life. It will be the eternal payment for the horrible evil caused on Earth.

     The publishing of the book “God’s Message to the people of Earth” at the beginning of August in 2005 became my first step in the fulfillment of the unprecedented mission. But my joy was darkened because I found three misprints and mistakes in punctuation in the book and I found my comment to be rather surface. But the main thing that God’s Message circulation was five thousand copies, it was received by Russian leading libraries and many people can read it, it will not sink into oblivion and has become the humanity property comforted me. And my weak comment will not spoil the impression of the Message itself, besides it can be corrected in the next publication of the book. But I realized soon that the exposition of the true picture of creating people’s habitat and growing up the terrestrial civilization should be necessarily linked with the latest scientific data and our reality, it is necessary to publish it as a separate book and my comment should go with the exposition of this picture. That is why I started to write this book and to prepare the book “God’s Message to the people of Earth” to the ultimate editing.

     Now it is absolutely clear to me that through the hints to the Message publisher it was initially planned to report to people the information that had stayed unrevealed during the talks of God with the earthling. That is why the mechanism of hints was fully discovered to me. Due to numerous hints I managed to understand many verities which in God’s Message were only indicated but not revealed in detail, to realize the deep sense of many of his theses. As a result in 2007 I managed to write and publish the first variant of the book “The true picture of the appearance and development of Life on Earth, the past and the future of humanity, the destiny of every person” and in 2008 its expanded variant in which the processes of preparing people habitat on Earth, growing up the terrestrial civilization, the genetic degeneration of nations, the process of fading away of the most vicious part of humanity and the mechanism of directed selection are stated systematically, very clearly and in details. The ultimate variant of this book is already ready to publication. It should become the guide of the Message. After understanding the picture of growing up Life on Earth stated systematically and clearly an individual will faster understand and perceive the Message itself. This was the second step in the fulfillment of the task given to me.

     It is necessary to know God’s Message to youth because the people that have just started their life can spot their soul with hard sins and can doom themselves to purification or eternal life in Hell. To add to this exactly new generations give life to waning progeny and untwist the fry wheel of the genetic degeneration of humanity. Medical science will not realize this threat and understand the main reason of the waning progeny birth soon. That is why in 2009 especially for young mothers I wrote and published the small book “How to avoid the birth of freaks, children with hard pathology, disturbed psychics, defective mind, vicious inclinations and aptitude to dangerous diseases” in which I revealed in detail the mechanism of genetic degeneration as the main reason of the birth of waning children and suggested for a future mother a simple way of defining the state of her own genetics and the state of the genetics of a child’s future father while medicine is not able to conduct the precise diagnostics of the genome and I also given detailed practical recommendations how to bear healthy children for sure. I did not mention God’s Message in it on purpose but those who will wish to understand this problem better I recommended the book mentioned above with systematic exposition of its main essence. If only a part of girls will realize the impendence of genetic degeneration and then order, read and perceive the recommended book and then order and read the Message itself there is some hope that they will preserve their souls from the Fall  and also their children’s and grandchildren’s souls. The ultimate variant of this book which will be published under the title “How to avoid the tragedy of bearing progeny with hard pathologies and how to bear healthy, clever and beautiful children that are not inclined to dangerous diseases with guarantee (practical advices to future mothers)has already been prepared. This book for future mothers must play the role of the Message guide. At the same time the more future mothers will know how to avoid the birth of waning progeny the quicker the threat of genetic degeneration will be taken away from the people, the less will be on our planet unhappy mothers and their defective children, the destinies of which turn out to be broken by the fact of their birth. That is how the third step of the task fulfillment was done.

     Finally I managed to prepare for publishing the book “God’s Message to the people of Earth” in the ultimate edition. I needed more than five years to understand the deep sense of God’s Message and write a short epilogue of the publisher. This epilogue was necessary for readers to understand and perceive quicker and fuller the Message itself. I realized the degree of my responsibility very well as this epilogue will always accompany God’s Message and I will not be able to insert any amendments into it. My sixty eighth birthday became the date of finishing my working at it and at this publication (it presents the expanded variant of my epilogue to God’s Message) and the anxiety that I will not have time to fulfill the Most High’s mission or will not be able to do it has gone away finally from my soul and long-expected pacification has come. This book has already been composed and will be published immediately as soon as I manage to gather necessary resources. Now I am absolutely sure that my life was tracked thoroughly from the first day and several times I had received help from above in desperate situations before I was chosen on the role of the Message publisher. I am very glad that I could thank the Most High for this help by real deeds. That is how the fourth step of the task fulfillment was done.

     It took me more than five years in sum for these four steps. All these years I worked at the limit of intellectual and nervous tension. The main part of this time I spent alone with my old computer and my thoughts. Now I understand why the man who had already crossed the pension age was chosen on the role of the publisher. First the full concentration of efforts, thought and time was necessary only for the fulfillment of this mission and pension at all its misery let me not to digress to the gaining of resources for existence. Second a young man would not be able to tolerate the psychological load from huge responsibility, constant extreme nervous tension, from life in the boundless ocean of incomprehension and under the conditions of chronic lack of money. I have tolerated and now I understand that necessary forces and health are given to me by the Most High as since the middle of May 2004 all the diseases that exhausted me (though not numerous and not hard) stepped back at once and new ones did not appear. Undoubtedly it was a very difficult period of my life as I had to proceed to almost beggarly existence to save up money nickel-and-dime for the books publishing, to add to this I had to finish off each of them and the variant that satisfied me appeared in the second or even third edition. But I am completely satisfied with the final result – I managed to fulfill the unprecedented task in a very short time. God’s Message has already put down strong roots on Earth, has become the humanity property and a sufficiently large number of people already know about it and a lot of people have such possibility. I hope very much that three books written by me and this publication will help the people of coming generations realize their true origin, define life goals correctly, come through the remaining vice circles without sins and obtain eternal life in the terrestrial Paradise. At this I can consider my mission of the publisher to be fulfilled. In future my voluntary helpers (there are such people in Russia and I am sure such people will appear abroad) and I will continue to replicate and propagate the books that exist in reality. And this is simpler than to write them.

     I should tell about my helpers separately. Their appearance has become… Продолжение »

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