… a complete surprise for me. I gave several hundreds of the copies of the book to my relatives, friends, old acquaintances, unfamiliar people and even to passers-by and as it turned out not all of them sank into oblivion, many copies started to be passed around. As a result the people unfamiliar to me from close and distant places through the third or even tenth hands got a book with God’s Message, read and perceived it and then found me and suggested their help. Their appearance has become for me not only great moral support; exactly they organized the first stable channels of the distribution of the book with God’s Message. The first helpers appeared when almost all my relatives, friends and old acquaintances after receiving the book with God’s Message started to avoid communication with me as they decided that I went crazy and I turned out to be alone in the ocean of incomprehension. What depressed me was that they were not illiterate half-wits but in majority people with higher education, among them there are a lot of docents and professors. But these people considered their monkey origin as the axiom and that is why they were sure that only a mad man can state the opposite. This hard period was not long and I discover the Most High’s straight participation in it – exactly he gave the idea of supporting and helping me to the people that did not know about my existence. I consider it as my duty to express the deepest gratitude to these people, they relieved me from unbearable solitude and their firm confidence in God’s creating of Life and everyday efforts contributed to the distribution of the book especially at first years when the monkey’s origin of humanity had not been contradicted by German geneticists yet. And some of them even helped me directly to fulfill the mission of the publisher by their money contributions for books publishing. The Most High knows their names and I am sure that he will not leave them without his grace as well as those that will occupy themselves with this sacred action in future. I believe that those people that got or will get the books with God’s Message in future will also be grateful to them. I must express special gratitude to two specialists that prepared my books to publishing; their surnames are situated near mine at the last page of each book. I am sure that these young people will help the successor of my soul to carry on the sacred action handing over to him my books with dedicatory inscription and my written instructions. I am also grateful to the linguist that translated this publication into English that will multiply expand the circle of its readers at once.

     The aim of the Message will be achieved when the majority of the people of Earth will know their Creator and Maker, the true picture of Life appearance and development on Earth, of the past and future of humanity, the destiny of a human soul but now it is only the question of time. The remaining years I will devote to its approaching and continue this sacred action in the next life, I hope that the Most High will consider it possible to give it to me again on Earth for me to finish the fulfillment of his mission. This life was worth living that is why I will meet my last hour without any regret, fear and sadness but with the feeling of the conscientiously fulfilled mission of God’s message publisher. I could not even suggest that I had to fulfill the main and absolutely unique action at the end of life. I hope that the Most High will give a new life to all my helpers as I am absolutely sure that they will continue their sacred action. God’s Message will be claimed since the middle of the twenty first century that is why their participation will be necessary in the books publishing and distribution. I will regard the possibility to meet them again and continue our sacred action with the former team as a great reward. We will have to do a great action as we will have to report God’s Message to milliards of people. I hope that the successor of my soul will be an inquisitive and bright man, that he will find this publication in the young age, read it attentively and realize what actions concerning the continuation of the fulfillment of the Most High’s commission I expect from him.

         It will take many decades to bring the book with God’s Message to the majority of humanity but its main essence people will learn from this publication that is why I ask earnestly all its readers to do any of these actions if they have such possibility:

  • to inform their relatives, friends and acquaintances about the Most High’s Message, to e-mail them this publication or just mail its printing to them;
  • distribute Russian editions of the books mentioned above at their enterprise, in their district, city, region and country.

I ask earnestly the foreign readers speaking Russian perfectly well:

  • to translate this publication into their native language and place it in the national domain of the Internet together with English and Russian variants;
  • to translate the books mentioned above into their native language and organize their publishing in their country, I will give a permission for it without delay.

It is pointed out in the Message that the Most High will not leave without his grace those people who will contribute to its distribution that is why I am asking to respond the people that are ready to help me in this sacred business. Your suggestions of help I ask you to email to this address: publikator-poslanie@yandex.ru. This long-term “letter-box” must fulfill a role of a bridge between the past and the future. I will pass my wishes to my successors through it and my current helpers will establish connection with my successor through it when they reappear in new flesh, grow up and are ready to continue the sacred affair and in then thousands of new distributors of God’s Message from the coming generations will fulfill the same passing of the sacred affair from one life to another.


     The deepest essence of God’s message is inexhaustible and many representatives of coming generations of the modern formation will discover it. In the current millennium scientists will have to make a lot of discoveries the essence of which they will understand only through the prism of the Message, this is the Most High’s invaluable help to the modern human formation at the final stage of its existence. God’s Message is priceless as it has revealed a lot of the scientists’ errors that took away biology, medicine and many other sciences from the high road of development. For many millenniums people considered our planet to be plain and the sun to be revolving around the Earth. Have these errors changed the essence of things? Not at all. The Earth remained a spherical body and continues to revolve around the sun. As well as that silly theories about the origin of people and animate nature did not influence and will not influence the process of growing up the universal terrestrial civilization: it will appear at a planned date – by the end of the current millennium. I believe that God’s Message will make the nearest generations of scientists put an end to senseless waste of forces and resources on the erroneous and deliberately false trends of a science, multiplied in a great number at the last one hundred and fifty years, realize the inanity of pursuits of Life on other planets of the Solar system and correct cardinally space programs, will make politicians stop carrying plans concerning space militarization.

      I am absolutely sure that the result of the distribution of this publication in the Internet will be the appearance of my new voluntary helpers in Russia and abroad, for which its distribution as well as the distribution of books with God’s Message and its exposition will be not only the aspiration for deserving the Most High’s grace but the soul’s dictate and deliberate choice of mind. I am also absolutely sure that every my successor will find a lot of voluntary distributors of God’s Message. As a result they will be found in all countries and on all continents and the Most High’s Message will reach every person of coming generations. The publishing of books with God’s Message was a difficult task for me as I am a poor man but I am absolutely sure that my successors will find voluntary helpers also among rich foreign publishers which set themselves familiarization of their compatriots with the Most High’s Message as an object to take away the threat of genetic degeneration from their nation and provide its representation in the community of perfect people.

The Moment of Truth has come for Humanity

      Scientists invented a lot of absurd hypotheses and theories concerning the origin of Life on Earth, the past and future of humanity. God’s Message clarified these important for humanity issues. The absurdity can be explained very simply – scientists have not realized yet that only mind can create and knead. Nothing on Earth appeared by itself, everything is the product of mind and God’s and people’s labor. Only the greatest Mind could create the grandiose animate world and the Mind comparable with it could create this world in nature. People even can not imagine the scale of the Creator’s and Maker’s Mind. They did not understand how animate nature appeared on Earth as they did not hit upon asking themselves a simple question – why is necessary? God’s Message explained: it is necessary to grow up the civilization of sensible creatures which will live eternally in peace, happiness and prosperity. To make this civilization settle down and live eternally it was necessary to create on the planet the supplying habitat for it. Animate nature solved this task. The fact that it took almost four milliard years to create the people’s habitat on our planet tells about the huge scale of this problem. But at first it was necessary to “project” this sensible creature and determine for sure what habitat it needs and then to “project” it too and next find the way of creating it on an empty planet. God’s Message is priceless as it is said in it who invented and created all this, who and how it made. Humanity will inevitably realize that the silliest and based exceptionally on mystic theory about the independent appearance of Life on Earth, its development by the way of some evolution and the origin of people from monkeys intentionally imposed to it not only took biology, medicine and many other sciences away from the high road of development but brought innumerous misfortunes to it and broke destinies of many people. Two world slaughters, a lot of local wars blazing on Earth in the twentieth and twenty first centuries and uncountable victims and destructions caused by them are the direct consequence of apostasy.

     God’s Message has not only revealed the true picture of creating Life on Earth, the future of humanity and destiny of every person but has given an explanation why it was not done earlier. Animate world is created due to the Creator’s great invention – genes. The set of genes imposed by the Creator and constituting every creature’s genome is the specific “project documentation” which provides its “building” at the period of conception and development, one group of genes are the “builders” , the other provide the functioning of a live creature’s flesh during all its life. Simultaneously the genome is the mechanism of species inheritance which provides the eternal reproduction of every species of creatures in the constant look and anatomical structure. An oak was and will remain an oak and a donkey was and will remain a donkey. It is paradoxically but scientists have not realized yet that the appearance of any species of live creatures should precede the “construction” of its genetics and that the genome is primary and a creature itself is the second. All reasoning about the origin of animate world should start from the pursuits of explanations of genes appearance. I believe that even an idiot should understand that they could not appear by themselves. The full nonsense is also the reasoning of modern scientists about some gene mutation and this is how they try to explain the birth of animals and people with incredible pathologies and deformities. This is not the result of gene mutation but the result of their destruction. Scientists are only going to realize it. Until people cognize the genetic fundamental principle of live creatures they could not understand the true picture of creating Life by the Highest Mind and creating it by God on Earth. But even now scientists-geneticists will need a lot of time to understand this picture because now they decoded the genomes of a very small part of live creatures and the universal rule of their creation has not been solved yet, moreover they even do not suspect that the genome of every live creature acts according to the Creator’s program and they even do not know its carrier. As for humanity it will understand this picture later. That is why the Most High could not reveal it a century earlier and especially he could not do it two thousand years ago during his last visit to Earth. That is why the creating of animate world in ancient sacred books is stated in allegorical form, at that time it was necessary to carry to people the only thought – he was created by God. Unfortunately so far people have not understood it and perceive this allegory literally. Their mind was not enough to do it but there is no lack of caustic comments of sacred books by scientists-half-wits. The Most High directed his Message when scientists became able to find for him key scientific confirmations and dispel the monkey origin of humanity. A lot of people will not be able to understand the real picture of the universe without these scientific confirmations. The Most High foresaw everything for people to understand and perceive his Message.

      Scientists are looking for water on other planets with enviable persistence, believing fondly that its presence is the guarantee of the existence of live creatures there. There is no doubt that animate world can not exist without water but it is only one of many obligatory conditions of its existence. A live creature can appear only if someone “constructs” its genome and then create its genes forming this genome, supply it with the program which provides the creature’s conception, development and reproduction. C. Darwin did not even suspect of the existence of genes and this circumstance explains his error about the existence of some changeability in animate world. But modern scientists know about the existence of genes, nevertheless many of them continue to state that if there is water on the planet then live creatures will certainly appear there. This is not an error but idiotism i.e. absolute inability to systematic thinking.

      People considered the modern human formation as ultimate and in all their accounts for the future proceeded from its invariability. This error is unforgettable for scientists as they know that one transformation of the mankind has already taken place – primitive people transformed into the modern ones. This circumstance should make them think that the modern human formation loathsome by its nature must also transform into something not so loathsome. Unfortunately there is not any bright head on earth that would “bear” this natural thought. God’s Message has put things right - the modern human formation is transitional and finishes its existence on Earth; the formation of perfect people will replace it. The other deepest error is the idea concerning the development of animate nature by the way of some evolution, the “wreath” of which supposedly has become the mankind. All these errors gave rise to the baneful mistake: many people believed that there is no God and it means there is no sin and there will not be any punishment for it. God revealed the true origin of animate nature and people, discovered the human essence, the mystery of his soul, the future of humanity. Form his Message we learnt for the first time that a man does not live once. The mystery of Hell and Paradise is revealed to us. The Message dispelled people’s beliefs about the existence of the other world and Heaven where the soul of dead people supposedly find rest. These are the conjectures of the numerous interpreters of sacred books. In reality Hell and Paradise are in the real world. There was Hell on Earth when it was being settled down by the formation of primitive men, Paradise will also be on Earth when the formation of perfect people will live on it, and it will come at the end of the current millennium. People have learnt that the soul of a dead righteous man reappears on Earth again in about half a year in the flesh of a new-born baby to come through the next vice circle. And the sinner’s soul immediately after death is going to come through hard and incredibly long-term torments of payment for sins and then it will obtain the flesh of a primitive man on other planet that is being settled down to come through the purification on the circles of Hell there. The man’s essence is his soul and flesh is only the material cover of the soul, a tool for world perception and for the fulfillment of the soul’s commands. Soul and mind constitute the man’s essence. There is no need to explain what disgusting person is formed by mean soul and waning mind. So far people have measured the result of their life with the help of money, power, titles and pleasures gained in the process of their life. They thought the more ponderous was the result the happier was their destiny. It turned out to be the deepest error. A human century is only a short blink in the history of his eternal soul. Achieving a big result in one short life by sinful way a person prepares for his soul a terrible fate for an incredibly long period or even forever. A lot of people doom their souls to this fate by one horrible crime. Extremely vicious people measure the life success of a dead man even according to the prestige of a burial place, the greatness and the price of a monument. But the result of human existence is not where his body is buried and what monument is on his grave but where, when and in what look the soul of a dead man will reappear. Really happy is the destiny of the people which will deserve the right to reappear again on our planet and approach on one step to the gaining of the flesh of a perfect man and to eternal life in Paradise.

     The bank of the biometrical data of humanity will let people get a lot of direct proofs of the regeneration of the righteous men’s souls again on Earth but its creation is under a big question at the nearest decades though it will take less resources than are spent now on chimerical pursuits of outer-space Life. The fact is that the decision concerning its creation should be made by the heads of the states, uppermost of the most powerful ones. It is pointed out in God’s Message that among a great number of terrestrial rulers only counted tens gained a new life again on Earth and the souls of the most part of the rulers will get the primitive man’s flesh to come through the purification on Hell circles. That is why it is doubtful that modern rulers will make a decision concerning the bank of biometry creation as it will certainly dispel their “light image” which they form strenuously and keenly in peoples’ consciousness. As a result my two helpers and I have decided to try to get these evidences before the creation of this bank. We have weighty foundations to believe that the Most High can regenerate our souls in new flesh again on Earth: though most probably we are not sinless but we do not have hard sins for sure – we did not kill, did not rob, did not violate, did not play mean tricks on other people and animate nature, we earned our living only by our labor. We are going to fix documentarily our fingertips in a dactyloscopic laboratory and this process will be shot by a teleoperator. I am not going to go into details but the successors of our souls have a small chance to find these materials and conduct an official expertise of their and our fingertips. But if their full identity is shown up then humanity will get irrefutable evidences of the souls’ regeneration in new flesh. It can happen in about 40-50 years. Though our chances for success are not big we found it necessary to use them as these evidences will help humanity realize its true origin quicker and a lot of people will be able to preserve their souls from sin and as a result from their further purification in Hell. Young readers of this publication will know whether our hopes will come true. God’s Message like a surgeon’s scalpel opened many ulcers that had decomposed humanity latently. This sickly operation was necessary to sober up the humanity that went mad from vicious permissiveness, to indicate the way of salvation to it. Humanity has learnt to make atomic and hydrogen bombs, ballistic rockets and cruise missiles and has broken away in the outer space and next it decided that a man is the lord of the Universe but the Most High indicated him his real place – the modern human formation is transitional and it is only the biological nursery for growing up the perfect human flesh and also a testing area for human souls. On vice circles human souls pass the tests by power and lawlessness, richness and poverty, fame and obscurity, beauty and deformity, health and weakness, high mind and its lameness. It is a very severe test but only tolerating it human soul can prove to God its resistance to the calls of vicious flesh and Devil’s temptations and will get permit to the next vice circle and after passing successfully the remaining vice circles it will gain the perfect man’s flesh to live eternally in the terrestrial Paradise and change the worn out flesh periodically. Believing in monkey origin millions of people did and do horrible outrages thinking that they will stay unpunished. They will be shocked when they know that payment is inevitable and will shudder from its severity. This shock therapy was necessary otherwise extreme viciousness could lead humanity to self-destruction. Our nearest descendants will realize to the edge of what abyss their ancestors came up to and will name the twentieth century the apogee of barbarity and savagery and the most barbarian will be called the nations which carried death and destruction to other peoples and at the same time naming themselves the most “civilized”. I will not enumerate them, they are well known. The realization of its true origin and the Most High’s omnipotence will make humanity recover from the intoxication of vicious madness and stand on the righteous way, will lead to the understanding of the blight of arms race, to the full cease of geopolitical plays concerning the planet redistribution and establishing on it peace without wars and bloody conflicts within the state. It became clear from the Message that with every new century the life of humanity will be lighter; the scales of evil on the planet will steadily decrease as well as the part of sinful people in the common quantity of humanity.

      It is very important that German scientists have already dispelled the monkey origin of people; it will accelerate significantly the perception of God’s Message by humanity. The world scientific community is going to work a lot as it will be necessary to rewrite all textbooks, “rebuild the buildings” of biology, medicine and other sciences. Scientists-physicians should finally understand that it is senseless to look for “miraculous” preparations for the deceleration of ageing, prolongation of life up to a thousand years, deliverance from all diseases – they can not exist a priori. So far scientists-Darwinists have arrogantly rejected the idea of creating Life on Earth by God, stating that they can not operate by mystic categories and at the same time duped young generations by Darwin’s theory based exceptionally on the assumption of the existence of some mystic changeability which as though predetermined evolution and of the erroneous representation of the animate world as endless mortal fight for survival. The Message showed earnestly that in God’s actions there is nothing mystical, all of them are based on the highest knowledge which will be never accessible to people. God’s Message dispelled the notorious materialism which was considered as “progressive” world view. The Most High is a true materialist as he created a grandiose animate world on our planet and all those people that so far have named themselves materialists are in reality the talkers-half-wits that have boldly put on other’s clothes.

      The start to the conception of the third and ultimate formation has already been given and it will have appeared by the end of the current millennium. But the terminal transformation of the mankind will be selective. The ancestors of the second human formation became all primitive people that lived on Earth at the moment of the activation of the germs of additional genes that were drowsing in their organism but now the ancestors will be thoroughly selected by the Prophets from several generations during the twenty first century. Thoroughness and duration of the selection are determined by the high criteria which every chosen one must respond to. The male ancestors selected by the Prophets will activate the mechanism of directed selection. Though in the Message it is not said about it directly I am absolutely sure that the ancestors will be endowed with the ability to define infallibly women with healthy souls and bodies, they will enter into intimate relations only with them and they will give their sperm only to them. Probably their children and all descendants will inherit this ability. I hope that the ancestors and the first generations of their descendants will cardinally change the proportion of healthy and waning new-born children at the end of this century. In the end the destiny of every nation will depend on the quantity of its representatives in the list of the ancestors of perfect humanity. If their number is big they will start the mechanism of directed selection at full power and extinction will not threaten this nation. The selection of ancestors will be conducted during all twenty first century. This long term is God’s greatest grace as he gave the possibility to correct their destiny even to the most vicious nations, which they had predetermined by their previous history. If a nation finds forces and will to remain itself and to be represented in the community of perfect people even in a minimal part then it must resolutely and quickly stand on the righteous way to  have time to delegate their representatives to the last group of ancestors. Its salvation is only in this. There is no need to prove the exceptional role of national leaders in realizing this verity. Time will show what nations will use this unique chance. Some nations invented a lot of fanciful criteria to prove their greatness but those nations will be really great that will be represented in a maximal part in the community of perfect people. The irony of the history that has not been written yet that in this blessed community there certainly will not be the nations which now trumpet loudly about their greatness.

      Scientists will have to moderate their pride as humanity is obliged to God for all break-through scientific discoveries and inventions including the Internet. According to his indications Prophets get promptings to the people that moved forward in solving scientific-technical problems and they perceive them as their own irradiations. But it does not depreciate the merits of the recipients of promptings – they turned out to be able to understand them and retreat them up to the level of understanding of others. And the invention of monstrous weapon and the innumerous assembly of things intended exceptionally for the consumption of fed-up vice are the “achievements” of humanity itself. But it is unlikely that our nearest descendants will be proud of these “achievements”. They will understand that the invention of means of people destruction itself is the hardest sin and the inventors themselves will carry payment for it. Modern politicians can not imagine their countries without preparation to coming wars. The mad arms race continues eating the astronomical resources which are enough for the full liquidation of hunger and poverty on the planet.  Now the rulers of powerful countries announce with pride about the completion of the creation of the weapon of the fifth generation but they do not understand that after the fifth will follow the tenth, then the twentieth, then the hundredth and so on. And every new generation will be more destructive, the possibility of its accidental or malicious usage will steadily increase. This is the straight way to the self-destruction of humanity. If Life conceived by itself, developed by the way of evolution and people originated from monkeys this finale would be inevitable and the question is when it will happen. God’s Message gave the ultimate answer to the question about the end of the world which sciolists, religious radicals with narrow mind and other charlatans threaten humanity with – it will not take place. God will not let the destruction of the results of his titanic labor and all necessary toolset is in readiness. But he believes that humanity can save it itself and indicated the way of salvation. The salvation is in the disbandment of army, cease of creation and production of new patterns of weapon, liquidation of accumulated arsenals, and termination of bloody conflicts within the state which are the results of vicious fight for power. The Most High set up this goal before humanity and it must be achieved not later than the end of the twenty second century. The modern human formation must live the last centuries in a really civilized way and under the conditions of absolute peace. All people that will rule states at the end of the twenty first and in the twenty second centuries will account personally for the achievement of this goal before God. The special role in its achievement will be given to the peoples and rulers of China, the USA and Russia. Exactly these three countries must head the giant work concerning the achievement of this goal not only because they possess the biggest arsenal of horrible weapon and the strongest armies.  These countries take a special place in the history of humanity. China is the motherland of many basic inventions that predetermined the rapid scientific-technical progress of humanity, its people is the pattern of diligence and viability; this country has become the world factory and is confidently moving to the economic leadership in the world and it has the highest chances to become the base of the coming terrestrial civilization if with the gaining of economic power it will not take in all vices of the “civilized” style of living and will not put itself into the abyss of genetic degeneration, the symptoms of which have already appeared.  The USA though they have a short history have contributed a lot to the scientific-technical progress of humanity and this country is still the economic leader. As for Russia by the price of terrible victims it preserved the world from brown plague – fascism and for many centuries it has kept selflessly the huge untouched territory and enormous reserves of minerals revealed on it for the future terrestrial civilization (I am sure that partly because of it the Message was sent to the Russian land and in the Russian language) and now it is moving forward in the number of economic leaders. But there is one inevitable question – whether the peoples and rulers of China, the USA and Russia will be able to head the achievement of the goal set by God? Even if someone of them does not want it God will make him. Obsessed by the idea of the world supremacy the rulers of the USA will have to change their course completely and if they do not want to do this the Most High will have to bring them round. We should not be mistaken how it will be done – all military potential and military-industrial complex of the USA will be turned into dust hourly as well as the madmen which led the country to the fatal line. The same measure of compulsion can be undertaken to any other country. Americans at all their excessive pride are very pragmatic; they will understand that after it they will transfer their country in the category of third-rate ones forever. After God’s Punishment it will not be able to reclaim its industrial and economical potential as there will not be anybody to do this – the people that avoided God’s Punishment will run away from this country as from plague-infected. That is why God will not have to resort to this extreme measure. Modern insolent, selfish and irresponsible politics of this country is predetermined by the exceptional impunity. Now the ruling clique of the USA understands perfectly well that no country will decide to try to call it to account. And when it understands that punishment is inevitable and it will be extremely severe belligerence and insolence will evaporate immediately. The people of the USA will have to try a lot to deserve the Most High’s grace and to be represented in the coming terrestrial civilization even in a minimal part. By the end of the twenty first century humanity will have had a lot of objective evidences of the fact that Life on Earth was created by God and of the identity of the picture of the terminal stage of the modern human formation existence presented in his Message. Exactly American scientists have already made and will make a weighty contribution in the pursuits of these evidences. That is why I have no doubts that the goal set by God will be achieved.

      Humanity must solve another global problem. The full exhaustion of deposits of hydrocarbon stuff is not far off. Only atomic energy is the full alternative to them. But its creation in developing countries is fraught with uncontrolled distribution of nuclear weapon. The Creator indicated the way of solving this dilemma too. It consists in the fact that the objects of atomic energy in such countries should be created not as national but as international.  The country-customer of this object must assign feasible financing and also a land territory for its disposition which meets all the requirements of ecological security. Then the countries having the largest experience of projecting, building and exploitation of such objects, undertakings of equipment production, production of nuclear materials and their reprocessing after using in the reactor, together with the country-producer must create the international consortium which will project, build and exploit this complex as property in shares with exterritorial status. This complex will not carry any threat to the planet, the country-customer will solve its energetic problems but it will not get access to the technologies of the production of nuclear materials and to the wastes of atomic energy and will not be able to use them for the development of nuclear weapon or to transfer to terrorists. It will be always accessible for the inspection of IAEA. Nobody will have a temptation to destroy by bombing or capture this complex: powerful countries will be its joint owners and it will be under their safe defense. All-encompassing decision! In the framework of integration it is necessary to create universal energetic systems gradually.

     The creation of the European Economic Community is called in the Message a step in the right direction and its formation should be necessarily finished. Euro Community can and must be the example of the civilized existence of the states of a big region. The failure of the first attempt of the acceptance of the constitution of Euro Community should be used for its cardinal rework. In particular it should be pointed in it that people and animate nature are created by God, the rejection of Euro Community of aggression against other states should be fixed but the right for the collective defense against aggression and the creation of united armed forces should be legalized. By the way the indication concerning the creation of people and animate nature by God was in the initial variant of the constitution of Euro Community but it was excluded from the variant which was brought out for voting, that facts argues for the erosion of faith of European peoples, turning it into demonstrated religiousness. The rejection of the countries of Euro Community from participation in NATO would be a good example for humanity as this military block turns steadily into the tool of aggression, the main factor of the peace destabilization on the planet and the catalyst of the next turn of the arms race, no demagogy can already hide its sinful essence. Europeans exhausted war limit long time ago, they have brought uncounted misfortunes to each other and to other peoples, they have lost the best gene pool and have doomed themselves to genetic degeneration, it is time to calm down. Nobody is going to attack Europe, to add to this their united army is good enough for defense from any aggression. All the more many titled nations in these countries are going to solve the super task – how to take away the threat of full degeneration and the close perspective of transition into the category of national minorities in their own countries? And it has not even been realized yet, today’s prosperity which seems to them eternal fogged their eyes but in the visible future it can be replaced by deep and very long decline. Only the creation of regional unions similar to Euro Community but not of military blocks will let to interchange the centuries-old bloody confrontation of peoples with good-neighborliness, it gives equal rights and possibilities to the peoples of united states, it will let to create unified energetic systems, a common boundary, a united market of goods and services. Our distant descendants will have only to open boundaries between them.

     In God’s Message the exceptional role which the United Nations Organization must play in the current millennium is emphasized especially. In the twenty first century particularly this planetary organ must introduce four rules recommended by the Creator for the complete exception of wars from the life of humanity to the international law. They are:

  • the war of one state against the other can be started only from the sanction of UNO and if it is started without such sanction then it should be classified as aggression without any stipulations and the world community owes to give all necessary help to the victim;
  • the aggressor owes to make amends in the full volume to the victim and the world community must collect this compensation;
  • before starting a war the ruler that has made a decision about its commencement must conduct a general nominal referendum and can start military operations only having the support of the majority of people;
  • even if the majority of people agreed to the war commencement the ruler can not make soldiers and officers that voted against the war fight and punish them for refusal. It follows from God’s Message that the participation itself in an aggressive war is a hard sin and will entail the punishment of living in the skin of a primitive man and if from the hands of the participator of aggression even one man from the country that became the aggression victim died this deed will be punished with the eternal life in Hell. All commanders and military men must know it perfectly well.

       These rules are extremely logical and consistent and the fact of their        introduction into the international law as basic principles of civilized world order on the planet is able to stop aggressive plans before their realization and if the world community will collect the full compensation from the first aggressor for the damage he made then they will die out completely as aggression will mean the absolute and complete aggressor’s bankruptcy. Of course these rules should not be applied by the country that has become the aggression victim and has to start immediate response military operations including those on the aggressor’s territory. UNO should make so that in the constitution of each country obligations not to commit acts of aggression should be written down but its constitutive right for the aggression repulse using all available ways should be written down. Finally UNO must create a legal base for the complete general disarmament and army disbandment and use all necessary control mechanisms. That is why it is necessary to stop attempts to belittle the role of this organization or cancel it but it is necessary to consolidate its authority and capacity in all possible ways – there is no alternative to it.

      It took our Most High four milliard years and titanic labors to create people’s habitat on an empty planet. It is constituted by the unique terrestrial atmosphere, people’s bread-winner – animate nature, sources of fresh water and fat land. Maddened humanity is still sure that all this appeared by itself and destroys the base of its existence with maniacal persistence. But very soon people will realize who created all this and for whom and will stop baneful barbarism. 

      The Message answered the main question – why has not God given undeniable evidences of his existence so far? The answer will seem very surprising for many people. He could give a lot of such evidences but the essence of gaining steady resistance to sin by soul is that only an individual himself that consciously  doom himself to tough self-restriction and even to sufferings and which is guided by faith, not by unconditional knowledge can do it. I think it is very important to explain that lack of faith in God is not a sin but blasphemy is already a big sin. Militant atheists must know about it and keep their mouths shut.

     God’s Message clarified the question concerning faith and its forms. Faith must be in souls and a man can choose any form acceptable to him. If he is sure in the strength of his soul and can preserve it from sin then it is not necessary for him to join a religion and burden himself with the public demonstration of faith and with the fulfillment of religious rites. He can be a secular believer and just live with clear realization of his true origin and commensurate his deeds with the universal God’s commandment even before their performing. If a man has not such assurance then religious creed becomes necessary for him. There are some disadvantages in this or that religion, archaism of rites accepted in it and fallibility of some canons but religion has its advantage before secular faith as if a religious man gets into trouble he can always ask priests and his coreligionists for help. Secular faith and religious one are two parallel roads which lead to one goal – preservation of soul in purity as only in this case it to get a permit into the community of perfect people. The demonstrated religiousness which is widely spread in “civilized” countries now will not open a road to this community as well as the building of new temples will not decrease automatically the level of peoples’ viciousness. As for me I have never been a religious man and I will not, moreover I have no right to do it as I must carry God’s Message to all humanity including the believers of all religious confessions. As I am its publisher I must be equidistant from all religions. Religious readers of this publication must understand it correctly.

      Our distant ancestors related more sensibly to the death of their small children in the result of some inborn disease, natural disasters and which became war victims. Of course they were sad, cried at funeral but the thought that the Most High will take care of the dead child’s soul calmed them. They were not mistaken. It became clear from the Message that he revives all souls which are not stained with sin again on Earth. And all small children have pure souls because of their age. That is why I can gladden the parents that lost their small children – they live on Earth in other look, pray for them as if they are alive, not dead, pray for them not to stain their souls with sin in their new life. If biometric data of people at the first year of their life are fixed then after the creation of the bank of biometry the parents of coming generations will get a possibility to make certain that the soul of their dead child has revived on Earth again. Moreover they can even find him and make sure of it with their own eyes.

      The Most High opened many greatest secrets and the moment of verity has come for the earthlings. Humanity will have to reconsider cardinally not their world perception and outlook but also all existing system of values and priorities – the majority of them turned out to be false. Richness, power, titles and fame gained in a vicious way lose all sense because long or eternal life in the look of a primitive man will be payment for them. Only righteous life and the prosperity earned with the help of talent and righteous labor have true value. The process of reconsidering of the world perception and of the reevaluation of existing system of values will be complicated and extremely painful.  The full change of generations will be necessary for it to start gathering speed.

      First of all God’s Message is addressed to coming generations of the people of modern formation. To every person entering the animate world it will give the clear understanding of the true picture of the universe, will help to define clear life reference points, sense and goals of their life, will become a reliable life guide in the vicious world, will help understand that it is necessary to keep clean not only his body but first of all his soul, it is easy to stain it with sin in the childhood and it is impossible to wash it off. Only righteous life from birth till death gives a permit into the community of perfect people, it can not be deserved either by lachrymal prayers or by assiduous religiousness in the evening of life.

    Earth thinkers have written a lot of books trying to establish the boundary between good and evil, depravity and righteousness, permissiveness and forbidenness. But it turned out that only one God’s commandment is enough for it. Only the Most High’s mind could put such greatest wisdom in several words of the universal commandment.  It is priceless as it allows defining absolutely precisely the boundaries of permitted in words and deeds of not only an individual person but of any kind of people communities, society, and state. The universal commandment must become the core postulate of the world outlook, the system of upbringing, state and international law. Sin is in causing evil (harm) to your own soul, organism, other people or animate nature that is why sinful is everything that leads to causing evil and criminal is everything that is sinful. The universal commandment does not cancel other commandments mentioned in sacred books (all of them confine themselves to one) but if further people will be guided only by them they will stain their souls with sin even not suspecting of it as those commandments do not cover all spectrum of people’s sinful deeds. The universal commandment is versatile; it marks the boundaries of self-expression, the liberty of word and human rights. Sinful people perverted these notions and winded them with thick web of demagogy. The unlimited freedoms and rights of sinful people have already led to incredible scales of evil on our planet. The universal commandment has made things clear – right for self-expression finishes where causing of evil starts, only the word that does not carry evil can have freedom and an individual has a right to commit only righteous deeds. Maddened humanity will have to realize this verity inevitably and to reconsider cardinally the list of “democratic rights and freedoms”.

     Women must play an exceptional role in remaining centuries of the current millennium. At last they must realize that their main destination is giving birth to children and that is why they must exclude from their life all factors destroying genetics and first of all alcohol, drugs, pharmacological means of contraception and medical abortions. Every woman must at first make certain that her own genetics have no catastrophic disorders and only then make a decision concerning bearing children and for conception she must choose a man with undisturbed genetics and as it possible to bear securely an absolutely healthy child only from an ancestor or his descendant then she should try to find him. But to bear a healthy child is not enough it is necessary to bring him up righteously too. And women with disturbed genetics should refuse from having children in order not to doom them to horrible torments and close death and not to doom her to a hard sin, the payment for which is inevitable.

     People have completely forgotten the commandment from sacred books: do not create an idol for yourself. Paranoiac worship of idols became a mass phenomenon on the peak of intensive processes of mind destruction. Authorities understood long ago that this pathology of mind can be used for the preservation of their rule – fans are so busy with the object of their worship that they are not able to notice the loathsome things created by authorities. And that is why the “production” of idols was put on the conveyor in “civilized” countries long ago. But the majority of “stars” stamped on this conveyor deserve not worship but defiance as they represent the embodiment of super vice. Peoples are going to awake from the noxious influence of this malicious conveyor and break it.

      God’s universal commandment must become the core postulate of business. The only goal of modern business is elicitation of unlimited profit by any means whereas originally civilized business besides gaining means by a businessman for his worth existence must aim at carrying good and not harm to people, animate nature and to the mankind as a whole, it must have tough self-restrictions concerning methods of profit elicitation, its size and usage. All world economic crises are caused exceptionally by the greed of the richest countries, by the owners of big and countless capitals, humanity will have to realize this verity and find the way to limit their unscrupulous appetites. The madness of luxury and wasting of super incomes only for the satisfaction of vicious whims is sinful; it leads to the fall of a businessman himself and his family, to the corruption of society and public morality. It is silly to knock up a fortune only to doom yourself and your relatives to life in the skin of a primitive man. Very soon the rich will stop showing off boldly their vicious whims, competing with each other in a fed-up vice as it is the direct way to the degeneration of a family and a severe sentence to the soul.

      God’s Message must sober up the people who strive for power and after gaining it they get into the madness of vicious permissiveness. Exactly they inscribed and continue inscribing blood pages in the history of humanity. In God’s Message it is pointed out that all rulers that have stained their souls with the hardest and monstrous sins in the current millennium will have to live forever in the look of a primitive man. I believe that Presidents of the USA and Georgia G. Bush and M. Saakashvili have already deserved this fate as they ruined many innocent people including a lot of their compatriots in aggressive military reckless schemes. I am sure that the number of people wishful to rule will decrease substantially soon. In God’s Message it is pointed out that only people able to take out the country to the higher level of development, increase people’s wealth and to take away the potential threat have moral right to pretend to high state posts. The attempt to climb up on the top of power only for the satisfaction of ambitions and selfish motives is a hard sin.

     The imperishable significance of God’s Message is that it showed the fallibility of the existing division into science and faith. The hierarchs of Roman Catholic Church which erroneously considered science as the enemy of faith and started cruel persecution of scientists at the period of science formation are guilty in this division. Scientists were mistaken believing that only rejecting God they can discover verity; believers were also mistaken thinking that verity is accessible only to them. Science and faith are neither antipodes nor enemies; they are allies complementing each other. Only science can find direct evidences of baneful influence of vice on people’s organism, genetics, psychics and mind and equip believers with the exact knowledge in the fight with it as the first cause of the fall. Only matter and material world are the field of e real science, the other is the field of pseudo-science. This verity seems to be very unexpected and the scientific community will have to work hard cleaning the world knowledge treasury from the huge blockages of rubbish produced by pseudo-scientists. And the faith of scientists in God should not be necessarily religious, it can be secular.

      Humanity will not go out of the era of barbarism and will not be able to decrease the scale of evil on the planet until it breaks the system of expanded reproduction of vice from generation to generation and puts the severest impose on its propaganda in press, literature, films, on TV and in the Internet. It is necessary to clean these rubbish dumps from the dominance of vice. Owners and managers of the mass media, journalists, TV “stars” and writers should realize that propagandizing vice, picturing monstrous crimes in details, raising extremely vicious people in the rank of idols they deprave young generation, contribute to its fall and as a result they themselves commit the sinful deeds which will be severely punished by God.

     The fight with the vice bacchanalia should be started from the cardinal reconsideration of school program; the true picture of animate nature creation and of the growing up of the terrestrial civilization must become its core. People of all nations and any religions are created by one God and that is why this picture will not evoke enmity concerning national or religious reasons. Every person since early childhood must learn his true origin and the boundaries of allowed in his deeds.  This is the main knowledge, all other things are secondary. Parents and school teachers must realize this verity. Darwin’s theory learning is presented in school programs of many countries and teachers must present it exactly as the theory the fallibility of which has already been realized by sensible scientists and proved by German geneticists. At the same time at first teachers should introduce the real picture of Life appearance and development on Earth to their pupils only optionally. That is why every school teacher must study God’s Message to understand this picture. The theory about monkey origin was imposed to humanity intentionally to justify brutal tempers in human relations, to validate the right of minority to dominate over the majority and appropriate boldly the lion’s share of national resources, justify bloody wars  because of planet’s reparation. For the second century authorities have used school teachers and university professors to dupe young people. Every one of them must define whether he should continue taking part in this dirty process and get sin on his soul, the payment for which is inevitable. The Message has clarified the question concerning the sense and goal of a man’s life. Every man should learn from his early childhood that his life is the testing for his soul that is why only the preservation of soul in purity can be the only right goal of life so it is necessary to avoid all life roads that threaten to stain soul with sin though they can promise power, richness, glory and fame. School teachers ought to help young generations learn this indisputable verity.

     In God’s message a very impartial estimation is given to the current state of many spheres of culture, literature… Продолжение »

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