… and art – it is called degradation. So far their true state has been camouflaged with demagogical phrase-mongering about the necessity of the development of supposedly vanguard trends corresponding to the spirit of the age. The twentieth and twenty first centuries will enter the history of humanity as the period of vicious madness in these spheres. The “masterpieces” born at these centuries will be forgotten soon and forever.

      All the world struggles unsuccessfully against corruption, God’s Message pointed out the way of fighting with this contagion decomposing the society – the officials whose guilt was established must be expelled from the system of state and municipal management at once and forever, they must be deprived of all privileges and their status itself must be regarded by court as the aggravation of guilt while sentencing. The introduction of this norm into the law will give a good result. In the labor contract of every person entering sate or municipal service this statute must be necessarily indicated. But corruption will disappear completely only when all officials will know that a long life in the skin of a primitive man will be the payment for this hard sinful deed.

      With the help of his Message God rendered invaluable assistance to religious confessions. He has discovered the true picture of creating animate nature and people, past and future of humanity and thus he has made faith seeing, he has given to priests and religious people powerful weapon for the confrontation with not only militant atheists but for the fight with vice in all its manifestations as the first reason of the fall. Now religious confessions will be able to fulfill their main predestination full armed – to keep people away from sin. The sermon of the Most High’s universal commandment, exposure of its universality for the estimation of all deeds of people, society and state must become the essence and sense of divine service. Religious people of different creeds should understand that God is the one for all though he is named differently; they should stop the war of religions and stop killing the people whose guilt is that they keep to another religion – this is the hardest sin. The world is objectively divided not into Christians, Moslems, Jews, Buddhists, Hinduists, Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox believers and Shiites but into those who believe in God and those who consider themselves monkey’s descendants and propagates vicious permissiveness. That is why all believers in God must not be at enmity with each other but they must unit with each other and resist sinful people together and discharge them from deciding the destinies of peoples and the whole humanity. Spiritual hierarchs must head the achievement of this goal. Now it is difficult to say when God’s Message will be perceived and recognized officially by all religious confessions as the guide to action. This process will not be simple and quick, most probably the other generations of spiritual hierarchs which will understand that the effectiveness of their service and the destiny of their own souls will depend on this step will do it. This will happen inevitably. Only God’s Message is able to consolidate all religious confessions to struggle against vice, to stop religious confrontation and will help every confession fulfill its destination with maximal efficiency. Only God’s Message is able to become the general core and the uniting beginning of all religions. Hierarchs and priests of all confessions, all believers will have to realize this role of the Message. It is pointed out there that religious fanaticism and radicalism have nothing in common with true faith – it is only the curtain by which sinful people pursuing deliberately criminal aims cover themselves.  They discredit not only true faith but also real believers.

     The imperishable significance of God’s Message is that coming human generations are warned that the process of cardinal climate change on Earth has started. In the current millennium our planet will get rid of icy armor on the poles forever and the essential raise of ocean level is coming, that will lead to the significant change of the geographical map of the planet – many islands, large territories of continents and even whole countries will disappear. The coming generations have a possibility to undertake necessary protective actions beforehand.

      Humanity will have to reconsider cardinally the notion of healthy style of living. Modern people have decided fondly that it is enough not to smoke, not to drink a lot and to do some exercises in the morning.  Unfortunately it will not preserve human genetics from destruction and a nation from genetic degeneration. People will be terrified when they know for sure how many substances destructive for their genetics they charge daily in their organism (starting from the first days of life) together with advertised and stuffed with “chemistry” products and drinks of industrial production, with household chemical goods, synthetic drugs and breathe in with the polluted air of big cities. They also feel horror when they know what destructive influence on their genetics have electromagnetic radiation of many devices with which they surrounded themselves rashly. The coming generations will have to realize that thoughtless scientific-technical progress has an invisible reverse side and it is ominous. In the frenzy of vicious madness people put scientific-technical progress on the service of vice and became its victims naturally.

      Only God’s Message is able to save each nation from full degeneration, save the planet from extreme evil and wars, bloody conflicts within a state, racial, national and religious disagreement, help every person to choose eternal life in the community of perfect people for their soul! The Most High understands perfectly well that at first his Message will be relevant and perceived only by a small part of modern people (it is completely proved by the practice of distributing the book with his Message) and their absolute majority is either not able to perceive it due to their narrow-mindedness or because of their sinful arrogance and assurance in monkey origin but by the middle of the twenty first century this majority will have given place to the generations whose souls will have some immunity to vice and sin. These people will claim and perceive the Message and start turning humanity to the righteous way, they will give start to the hard and long process of its recovery from vicious madness.

       God’s Message is addressed to modern people too and can cardinally influence the destiny of their souls. It will give to righteous people additional forces for keeping their souls in purity and will help pass the remaining vice circles to gain eternal life in the terrestrial Paradise. They have a possibility to help their children and grandchildren achieve the same goal if introduce the Message to them in proper time. Righteous people will be satisfied – their souls will never adjoin the souls of the rascals that poisoned their life. But vice has already achieved its apogee and there are few sinless people now. That is why the majority of people will be shocked by the information about God’s Message – they have stained their souls with many sins being sure that they will not have to answer for them and now it is impossible to correct anything. But the Most High understands that vicious parents and stupid teachers imparted unbelief in God to them in childhood and will take into consideration this circumstance. That is why many sinful people have a possibility to correct essentially the destiny of their soul. Divine justice can reduce the torments of payment and the quantity of Hell circles for the people that stained their souls with many hard sins but who have stood firmly on the righteous way. Divine justice can even forgive hard sins if a person realized them and atoned for them by the full measure of good for the caused evil and proved his correction by the further righteous life. And the people that stained their souls with many but not hard sins have a possibility to avoid Hell and get into the community of perfect people on other planet passing again the last vice circles without sin. These people also have a possibility to preserve their children and grandchildren from tragic mistakes. You have got to read the Message very attentively to understand how to do it. But it is necessary to understand other thing. God grows up the civilization of perfect people and his task is to let no soul infected by the bacilli of evil enter this community that is why we can not speak about the total mercifulness of sinful souls. You should not be surprised that in the Message there are no appeals to praise the Creator and pray all the time. He does not need doxology that is why he calls people to take care only of the destiny of their souls. Soul can prove its right for the gaining of the flesh of a perfect man and eternal life in the terrestrial Paradise only by righteousness on the remaining vice circles but not by doxology and humble prayers. I will not state that it is very easy to live a righteous life but is it so difficult to live a life not killing, raping, robbing, stealing, making harm to you, people and animate nature? I advise every reader to think about it.

     Every person whose sins are hard will learn a severe sentence to his soul at the last moments of life and will finish his terrestrial existence with terrible horror. All sinners will make sure of it themselves. At some people this horror turns into a wild dying cry, others are thrown away from a deathbed by it. As a result every sinful soul will know exactly the reason for impending torments of payment. And the death of a righteous man can be quiet and blessed, without torments, in his right mind, in living memory and capable state, his soul after leaving the dead flesh will move into a conceived fetus in a pregnant woman’s womb and will feel only the change of flesh without losing the feeling of life continuity. Many righteous people get hints about the exact date of their death and have time to say goodbye to their relatives and give them their instructions. In my childhood I was a witness of such cases and now I understand that it is possible to deserve such ending of life only by immaculate righteousness. The circumstances of natural death can tell a lot about the real essence of a dead man.

     In the final talk with the earthling the Prophet pointed out that the wonder-working force of the book with God’s Message will only increase with time. I thought a lot about this statement and came to the conclusion that we should not expect some mystic phenomena; it will not cure by touch, everything will be simpler and clearer – every new human generation will be a witness of the events that are predicted in the Message for a whole millennium. That is why every new generation will get new and new evidences that in the Message the truth about the world it entered is stated, that the Message is the safest guide of this world. That is why the time when a book with God’s Message will be in every house is not far and people will apply to it constantly and find answers to the emerging questions. For the sake of it I spent all my savings and several difficult years of my life without any hesitation.

     In the vicious world the sly formula that everyone has its own truth was born imperceptibly and settled down, all people for whom it is profitable to replace truth by its antipode resort to this slyness, in reality the truth is always one and deception will be inevitably revealed. The question is when it will happen. Extremely vicious people used Darwin’s theory exactly for this replacement but German geneticists revealed this deception. I have stated the truth about the origin of the animate world, the past and future of humanity, the destiny of every person’s soul. I understand that for many people it will turn out to be very bitter but there is no my fault in it – this is the property of truth itself. I am sure that it is not necessary to know the process of creating the habitat for people and growing up the planetary civilization in details, one must learn the main thing – every person predetermines exceptionally himself the destiny of his soul by the sum of his deeds during his life, that the punishment for the evil caused to himself, people or animate nature is inevitable. The sacred duty of all parents is to help their children learn this verity from early childhood. If all parents keep this duty the scales of evil on Earth will decrease swiftly. I believe that it will be so very soon.

      God’s Message will determine the life of the remaining generations of the people of the current formation, with this Message it will finish its mission on Earth and the coming universal terrestrial civilization of perfect people will start its eternal history with it. The date of the appearance of the universal terrestrial civilization is already known and the question is what people from the earthlings of the current formation will deserve the right to gain the look of a perfect man to live on Earth eternally changing flesh from time to time.

      I have done everything that depended on me in order to let people read the Most High’s Message or at least learn its main essence and I wish every reader of this publication to choose the correct life road and pass it without sin. Do not be upset if on this road you will not gain richness, power, glory and fame, you will achieve more – you will approximate your eternal life in the community of perfect people!

Your orders for Russian books “God’s Message to the people of Earth”,   “The truth about the origin of Life on Earth, about the past and future of the mankind and about the destiny of every person”, “How to avoid the tragedy of bearing progeny with hard pathologies and how to bear the healthy, clever and beautiful children that are not inclined to dangerous diseases with guarantee (practical advices to future mothers)” you can e-mail  to: poslanie-boga@yandex.ru. If any of these books is gained at the distributor you can buy others at him too. I will try to send these books to all republic, territorial and regional libraries of Russia in order to make them available to many people.


Batalov Alexandr Sergeevich – the publisher of God’s Message.

Russia, Nizhny Novgorod.            December 22, 2009.                                                             

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