…le of the second formation learnt to build housings, produce currying of animal fells, sew clothes and footwear and as a result they started active migrating from warm regions to places with a more severe climate. But natural migration had not accidental but sensible character. Every modification is created for concrete a living condition that is why in the regions with a cold climate there were no Egyptians or moors and in tropics there were no Yakuts. Then there was a long period of the development of the second formation and discovery of motherland by every human modification. Prophets in the human look lived multiply in people tribes of the second formation, trained them in many crafts and in bases of the most necessary sciences, they suggested how to find natural medicines to treat diseases, brought the thought about our Creator belief in him long before the appearing of written language. In the look of errant elders Prophets came to the chosen beforehand people notable among their tribesmen for their intellect and knowledge, initiated them into unearthly secrets and became their tutors. The aim of teaching was to explain using simple notions and allegories that God is the Creator of animate nature and people, his coming to earth approaches and the essence of faith. After receiving teachings and gaining faith in God these people started to travel themselves. Faith in God is spread on earth by these forgotten unselfish first consecrators. Unfortunately many modern priests lack for unselfishness and because of their self-interest some religious confessions have degraded. Then Prophets brought to earth the first written languages worked out by the Creator for each modification and the most ancient religions.

     Religions are devised neither by Gods nor by Prophets; they are invented by the mind of our earlier congeners from other planets. On every inhabited planet the faithful are exposed to persecutions from the direction of sinful people. Very long ago one thinker from the other planet had a good idea how to unite all the faithful to resist these persecutions together. The unification gave a required result as the primary idea of religious confession was realized. Then somebody decided to write down the Prophet’s teachings into one code and sacred books appeared. Next it was suggested to build special buildings for the meetings of the faithful under one roof and temples appeared. They were the centers of the believers’ uniting and conversion of new people into faith. Then there was a thought to conduct purposefully the preparation of the priests which made up the organizational structure of every religious confession. Our congeners from other planets devised a lot of religions and religious confessions have significant influence at all inhabited planets. Gods found this finding useful and obliged Prophets to spread the most rational religions on every planet which is rendered habitable. The selection of the religion with the smallest negative potential started long ago, after its completion only one religion will be brought to planets to exclude religious antagonism forever. It is said in the Message that not all earth religions have passed it.

     A bit more than two thousand years ago the last appearance of God on earth took place. He was born in the look of baby Jesus Christ and lived on earth till Ascension. Before the moment of appearing to people God did not fix their sinful deeds though they committed them at that time. There are reasons for it. For the first millenniums the second people formation lived in the conditions that did not differ a lot from the living conditions of their ancestors, in fact it was the continuation of Hell. The second reason is that God embodies Good and Justice and he could not punish people that had no idea of sin. Those sins he took upon himself. God’s coming to Earth had one goal – to explain to pupils what sin is and what punishment waits for a sinner, how righteous life will be rewarded and transfer his commandments to people through the pupils. With the help of these commandments God established the rules of behavior for vicious people. They did not cover all spectrums of sinful deeds, only the hardest ones which are destructive for the formation of vicious people. In book “Gene and seven deadly sins” Spanish biologist – Darwinist D. Medina made a conclusion that God’s commandments are senseless because human vices are put in genes and a man is glad not to sin but his organism makes him do so: in definite situations it extracts some substances and they make a man freak out. And if the matter is in vicious genes then there is no sin for flesh calls. Darwinist does not know that God transferred his commandments to genetically vicious people for them to restrain vicious flesh calls because they were given mind. If the flesh of modern people was not vicious there would not be any God commandments. Unfortunately people have not realized this simple verity yet.

      God has been fixing people’s sins for two thousand years and sinners’ souls leave Earth forever after the death of their flesh. After experiencing the hardest and incredibly long torments out of flesh they will gain the flesh of primitive men at other planet which is rendered habitable. The souls of righteous people after their death settle into a developing fetus in the womb of terrestrial women to come through a new circle of vice on earth after reviving in a new flesh.

     Many years ago scientists found out that some parts of our brain are constantly in the activated state and they can not understand the reason. The solution turned out to be simple: from the moment of ripening our brain is constantly linked up to the Universal communicative Net and it reads off all sinful deeds, recorded in our memory. The all-seeing eye of the Most High acts this way. It is possible to cover up the traces and avoid the Erath court but it is impossible to deceive God, his punishment is inevitable because the human brain itself transmits the thought about the designed crime to God and the rascal’s soul receives a black mark at this moment. Some scientists have already expressed cautiously the thought concerning the existence of the unknown to people communicative net – they are not mistaken. But people are mistaken believing that a man lives only one time, the material cover of our soul lives once.  The question is when and where the soul that has left the dead flesh will obtain a new one and what it will be.

    Flesh is mortal, it is said in the Message that theoretically possible period of life is two centuries but no earthling could reach this age, only individuals has managed to overstep a century. That is why we can call charlatanry some scientists’ rollicking statements that soon they will find ways to prolong the life of human flesh to several centuries and even to a thousand years. And the most “generous” promise to make it eternal. This nonsense is replicated willingly by mass media. Excessive worship of dead human flesh by people is deprived of common sense that is why it is impossible to admit the storing of embalmed corpses in mausoleums sensible and absolute cretinism is cryopreservation – the storing of frozen corpses counting on the fact that descendants will learn to revive them. Rich half-wits pay a lot of money to cheater from science believing fondly that they will acquire the second life. If we surmise that a corpse can be revived soul won’t come back into it again and there is no mind and human personality without it. Absolutely groundless are some people’s hopes to acquire eternal life through cloning, a clone won’t have soul and won’t obtain mind; it will not be an animal but a plant in the human look. It seems that “specialists” of cloning have already made sure of it as the clamor raised by them at the beginning of this century ceased at once, they even did not show the babies cloned by them. 

     At the last century humanity committed a mighty breakthrough in scientific-technological development. It is absolutely naturally, the second human formation reaches the peak of power exactly at the terminal stage of its development. But at the same time vice also reaches its apogee. Incredible vice started to strike human flesh, destroy mind and human genetics. The degeneration of many peoples has already started; it is expressed in impetuous increasing of a number of new-born children with the hardest pathologies and deformities, in the fact that more and more people are subjected to hard diseases and quick extension of a list of diseases. But in the frenzy of vicious insanity humanity has not realized yet what mortal danger it drew on itself. It is said in God’s Message that in the current century many nations mainly of a white race can degenerate completely. The threat of self-destruction became real. That is why humanity is under Prophets’ and God’s unsleeping control. The Creator has not endowed intentionally the people of modern formation with the ability of remembering their past life because a genetically vicious man should not have sinful experience from his last life after revival in new flesh.

    So far God haven’t punished people for many sins which are not covered by his commandments mentioned in sacred books just like people forgive a small child for his pranks. For the second human formation childhood is over, it is of age and then demand will be very severe. God’s Court will take place for all current millennium, it will choose souls for eternal life on Earth in the flesh of perfect people. At the same time there is a unique mechanism of selection of the most viable and attractive human flesh and souls will be endowed with it. God transferred to people the single commandment: do not harm yourself, other people or animate nature. After its fulfillment a soul of every person of the generation of vicious people will be estimated.  The souls of the people that committed during this period the hardest and monstrous sins will be sentenced to eternal life in the flesh of primitive people on the planets which are rendered habitable.

     The start to the rise of ultimate human formation has already been given and it will have come into being by the end of the current millennium. But the terminal transformation of the mankind will be selective. The ancestors of the modern formation were all primitive people that lived on Earth at the moment of the activation of the germs of supplementary genes slumbering in their organism but now only some separate men which will be thoroughly selected by Prophets from several generations during the twenty first century will be the ancestors. The ancestor must have a developed brain and high intellect, righteous history of his soul counting not less than five thousand years and it must undergo training on many Hell circles, he must have attractive and viable flesh, undisturbed genetics. The ancestors’ quantity and names will stay mystery for them and their contemporaries, so that nobody can prevent them from fulfilling their mission. Only one man knows exactly that he has selected as the ancestor – this is God’s terrestrial interlocutor. The ancestors’ souls will not undergo the remaining vice circles and after the death of their flesh they will be in the blessed rest till the end of the millennium to obtain a perfect man’s flesh. These souls have already proved their firmness to God and he will release them from further testing. The prerogative of selecting progenitresses is given to ancestors. Their souls also will not undergo the remaining vice circles if a woman has not spotted her soul with the sin before child birth from the ancestor and will not spot it in future. God will activate the rest of the germs of new genes in the ancestors’ organisms and they will pass on to their children and start developing in their organisms. And they will pass them on to their children. The degree of the germ development of new genes will increase with every new generation of the ancestors’ descendants and the moment when women of the second formation will start giving birth to children with a new genome will come. It will happen in the thirtieth century and it will mean the birth of the perfect people formation. Geneticists will be able to fix the change of the genome for sure and thus they will ultimately prove the authenticity of the picture of the earth civilization growing which is stated in God’s message.

     At the beginning of the twenty first century a group of American and British geneticists announced about the decoding of a human genome. They evidently hurried in their striving to fix their authorship and they are far from the solution of The Creator’s most brilliant invention. Only general genome configuration is defined – the compound of the “building organization”. They are only going to understand that genes are divided into systemic, functional and rigorously individual. Systemic genes predetermine human nature, his appearance, his flesh destination and structure and functional genes – his abilities and inclinations including vicious ones. In animate nature every species of live creatures has rigorously individual group of systemic genes which can not be found in anybody else. One of the systematic genes is dominant and organizes the functioning of all gene collection, it is necessary because many of them act only episodically. This gene is the carrier of the program of genome functioning just like a band-master governs the score of the performed melody. In future geneticists will probably calculate this “band-master” but they will not be able to unravel the genome program, learn to “modernize” genes or construct new ones, change the genome program, these rollicking “plans” are widely replicated but they are just ungrounded self-advertisement of sciolists.

     The genome of a perfect man will have a new dominant system gene, other set of functional genes, among them there won’t be any vice gene and it will function according to a new program.  The group of ripened functional genes will replace the genes of vice and they will be destroyed by a new “band-master”. A perfect man won’t be able to do harm to his organism, other people or animate nature and it will distinguish him cardinally from a modern one. On the Earth two formations of people will live for a short time again but with the death of the last vicious man the second formation will die forever and people will not be able to postpone it. Everyone who managed to keep his soul unsullied by sin on the remaining vice circles will gain the flesh of a perfect man at the end of this millennium to live on earth forever and only sometimes change the flesh that finished serving. People were mistaken when believed that Paradise is in some beyond the grave world, it will be in a beautiful real world, on our Earth in the community of perfect people. They will cancel boundaries and states, form the united civilization without officials, politicians, hired labor, servants, masters, they will live in the most favorable for life regions, arrange them sensibly, establish connection with their congeners from other planets, pass to one language and literature of the Universal civilization brotherhood, borrow their experience and knowledge to develop in one rhythm with them. All newborn planetary civilizations come through this stage. That is why the Creator defined the accumulation of maximum genuine knowledge as the main destination of the current human formation – without this it is impossible not only to borrow experience and knowledge of congeners from other planets but understand them. Sensible people now realize that neither richness nor power or fame can bring happiness, only Love gives it and that is why the Creator found a unique way to give it to every perfect man. Paradise is the community of absolutely sensible, happy, equal and really free people, life activity of which is not regulated by laws but exceptionally by the sensible behavior of every person. This is a world without evil and thus there is no need in police, courts and prisons. It is a community of eternal married couples.

     Only for a minute imagine the world where they do not murder, do not violate, do not rob, do not steal, do not deceive, do not play mean tricks, do not humiliate, do not humble, where you can not hear a rude or ungracious word, where there are no officials, persistent and lying advertisement and then answer yourself – is it sensible to deserve the right to live eternally in this well-organized world? If your answer is affirmative then read this publication attentively up to the end, reread it and then order and read attentively recommended books. After it it will be clear to you what you should do to deserve this right. You can start with distributing this publication and the recommended books, help other people, first of all your relatives, friends and acquaintances to get acquainted with God’s Message and make right conclusions, doing this you can deserve God’s grace even if you are not sinless. The address for connection with the publisher (and later with his successor) you will find at the end of this publication.

      Terrestrial civilization will have a constant number and equal sex division, it will be provided by a new program concerning the functioning of a woman’s organism – it will work out only two ovules which will give life to two children of different sexes. In the community of perfect people there won’t be any childless women and maternity will be only happy. Perfect people will change their flesh in every one hundred years and remember their last life; it will let them perceive their eternity. Due to the highest immunity, full genetics, food and drinks only of natural origin and prudent style of living their flesh aging will be twice lower than at modern people, they won’t know diseases, mind’s leanness, loss of work capacity and senile infirmity. By the end of their age they will have looked like today’s absolutely healthy 50-year –old people. That is why in the community of perfect people there will not be any old men.   From the incredible quantity and kinds of foods produced now about ninety percent is the production aimed only at harming people and animate nature or at demands of fed-up vices. Present humanity does not even understand that it works only to make its life more disgusting. That is why only ten per cent of current waste of raw material, energy and labor will be enough for perfect people to live in full prosperity. They won’t know the madness of greed and hoarding as they will understand that it is impossible to eat into two throats, put on three dresses at the same time, sleep simultaneously in four bedrooms and live in five bedrooms and that is why they will not strive for having more than it is objectively necessary.

     In the list of ancestors the part of men with white skin color won’t be significant because the vice of people of this race reached fantastic level and that predetermined the maximum level of their depravity. During last centuries this race pulled ahead in their scientific-technical progress but it did not restrain its pride and inverted its might to reaching vicious goals. It became the main soul provider to alien Hell – this is the payoff for the madness of vicious permissiveness. It is indifferent to soul what is the color and modification of the gained flesh, it is important to it to be viable and fulfill all its functions. That is why it does not matter to the Creator what skin color will be predominant in the community of perfect people on Earth. His task is to select ancestors with more viable flesh and use the mechanism of directed selection in human community in the current millennium. He will cut off waning and unviable flesh and he will act very simply – the ancestors having high intellect, leading a healthy and righteous mode of life will not start intimate relations with fallen, ugly and ill women but only with similar to themselves. As a result their children will have developed intellect, attractive appearance, full genetics and they will produce healthy and full progeny themselves. This process will be directed and controlled by Prophets invisibly but since the twenty second century the results will be more visible – in some countries a part of absolutely healthy newborn children will quickly increase. And in the countries where Prophets will not be able to find ancestors  a part of newborn children with pathologies will quickly increase and the real perspective of these countries will be the full degeneration of main nations.

     The process of lowering immunity and reproductive function at the people of present formation programmed by the Creator has lasted for a long time. Besides people relate to their organism barbarously and accelerate it themselves, that is why less children are born healthy, the list of inborn pathologies has already crossed one thousand and is constantly increasing, the list of diseases grow violently, mortal viruses unknown before have appeared. Medicine has already noted the quickly growing level of inborn barrenness at men and women, decrease of reproductive period, impotence of young men, but it does not know yet that only in the twentieth century the quantity of spermatozoids worked out  in the man’s organism decreased twice and from the moment of the current formation appearance – in five times. The process of immunity and reproductive function decrease God will stop only at the ancestors’ descendants and it will continue at other people of current formation. The quantity of ancestors’ descendants will grow with every generation; they will involve more and more men and women with undisturbed genetics and the soul which is not depraved into the process of directed selection. As a result the most vicious part of the people of the second formation will stay outboard of this process and will fade way naturally – because of the decrease of the immunity and reproductive function to the critical bound.  Even magic medicine will not prevent this fading away. Not only viruses of swine and gird flu but a lot of unknown and more exotic viruses, microbes and bacteria will strike these people’s organisms and they will inevitably lose the ability to reproduction from generation to generation. This is how Earth will be relieved from degenerated human flesh with mutilated genetics. This is a natural result of people’s vicious madness in many generations. The scales and tempos of the fading away of a concrete nation will be the more the less its representatives is selected in the number of the ancestors of perfect humanity. Future generations will be witnesses of this sad but natural process.

     All perfect people will be ancestors’ biological descendants, which must become God’s deputies on Earth and govern the terrestrial civilization. Its prosperity will be not only the Creator’s commission and dynastic profession for them but the object of paternal care of their descendants. This is how wisely the Creator constructed the mechanism of selective transformation of modern people formation in the ultimate one. This mechanism will choose the most viable and attractive human flesh and God will choose the most worth souls. The community of perfect people will be not only very sensible but also beautiful. Prophets have already selected the first group of ancestors, the germs of supplementary genes are activated in them, they started to fulfill their mission and babies with developing new genes are growing. At the minimum one future God’s deputy lives unnoticeably in Russia now – this is God’s interlocutor.

     The current millennium will become a special take-away race for the humanity. God’s court will take away souls spotted with the sin from the distance and only righteous ones will be passed to the next circle. This process of soul selection for the terrestrial civilization you will be able to observe with your own life, if the bank of biometric data of the entire humanity will be created.  Universal transfer to passports with biometric data of its owner will make the creation of this bank real. It is said in God’s message that rigorously individual marks with which the soul marks its flesh remain constant; regardless of the fact how often soul changes its flesh. The soul of a dead righteous man obtains new flesh again on Earth but in the other place and in other modification and the bank of biometry will let define absolutely exactly the flesh of what person it gained – he will have the same paintings of the skin surface of fingertips and iris. It is known from God’s message that new flesh on Earth will mot be obtained by the souls of killers, customers of assassination, terrorists and their inspirers, robbers,  embezzlers of public funds, , thieves, violators, pedophiles of all kinds, souteneurs, prostitutes, drug addicts and drug dealers, unscrupulous officials, judges, investigators, politicians and businessmen, all who did evil secretly or evidently and also of the rulers who released persecutions against their peoples and bloody wars. The bank of biometry will prove it and it will prove the other thing – the souls of righteous people really obtain new flesh on Earth. Moreover it will assign our descendants a unique possibility to see what they looked like in their past life,  learn where they lived, what they did and even meet their children and grandchildren from their past life. And the children of sinners will make sure with bitterness that their souls have left the Earth.  Direct arguments of the inevitability of God’s punishment for sins will disillusion the humanity gone mad from permissiveness and will turn it to the righteous way. Since the next century a number of righteous people will grow swiftly and since its second half they and not sinners will direct the life of humanity. That is why it is necessary to hurry with the transfer to the passports with a man’s biometric data and with the creation of the bank of biometry. If it is created during the nearest decades at first the results will be discouraging for sure – the revival of souls in a new flesh on earth again will be fixed in a very small amount. You should not be surprised: vice on the planet has really reached its apogee and there are few sinless people now. But not all the souls taken from the distance will be sent by God’s Court to the Hell on other planets for eternal life there or for purification though there will be undoubtedly a lot of such souls. The major part of the souls taken from the distance will not be sent to Hell, the Creator will give a possibility to the souls of the earthlings spotted with numerous but not hard sins to realize them and repent and he will give them a chance to get into the community of perfect people by a relatively short way, coming through the last circles of vice repeatedly on the other planet. So far all increase of people’s number of the second formation has been endowed with newly created souls and they also replaced the souls of sinners. But since the beginning of the current millennium their infusion has stopped, they will be replaced by the souls of the aliens which were sentenced by God’s Court to undergoing the last circles of vice repeatedly on Earth. It is said in the message that their quantity will be measured by milliards so the same fate waits for the analogous amount of earthlings’ souls. It is not the punishment but God’s great grace – they have a good chance to gain eternal life in the look of perfect people on other planet and it is as beautiful as our Earth. But it will take them additionally several hundreds thousand years to get to Paradise on other planet. This is the difference. The aliens whose souls are sentenced to repeated passing through the last circles of vice on Earth have learnt their genuine origin because the Creator always sends his Message at the beginning of the last millennium of the second people formation existence. They will revive in the look of earthlings and know about the same Message to the people of earth and they will understand that the Creator has given them a chance to gain eternal life in the terrestrial Paradise and overwhelming majority will not slip this chance.

      In the twentieth century vice reached its apogee and the amount of sinners their maximum, as a result a maximal amount of born earthlings were endowed with the newly created souls that did have immunity to sins and replenished the sinners’ rows, which in the twenty first century compose the absolute majority of humanity and now exactly it rules the world. But since the beginning of the twenty first century all newborns have had either the souls of righteous people, passed by God’s Court to the following circle or the souls of the aliens sentenced to the repeated undergoing of vice circles on Earth, both already have some immunity to sins. From the beginning of the next century all people will have them and a number of righteous men will swiftly grow. Thus the ending of the twenty first century and the entire next century will be the period of difficult extraction of humanity from the madness of vicious permissiveness. Since the twenty third century a lot of the abominations that overfill the life of humanity now will go away in history and the amount of sinners will start decreasing quickly and though they will not disappear completely till the thirtieth century they will never be in the majority, they will not become idols as now but social outcasts, fed-up vice will stop being the goal and sense of life. A black stripe in the history of humanity will finish and a light one will start, with every century it will be lighter. There will not be the end of the world with which sciolists, psychologically ill religious radicals and other impostors threaten humanity – God’s Message gave an exact answer to this question.

    Earth enters the stage of calmness that is why by the end of this millennium more stable and beneficial climate and peaceful atmosphere will steady on Earth, at circumpolar regions frost will disappear, Earth will become free from icy armor on the poles, seismic activity will decrease significantly. Approaching generations are warned beforehand by the Creator about the coming rise of the world ocean level and they will be able to move in advance from the islands and coastal territories which will be inevitably flooded. The amount of humanity will grow for some time and then it will decrease and by the end of the millennium it will have established at the constant level (I believe that it will be less than modern one). The process of the terrestrial civilization growing will take about forty thousand years. The Creator will give his instructions to a newborn terrestrial civilization, introduce his deputies to it and then it will live absolutely independently in peace, happiness and prosperity. Eternal Paradise will start on Earth. Those who named, name and will name themselves God’s deputies on Earth will pay for this imposture by a long-term life in the look of a primitive man.

     As for Darwinists they continue predicting the next turns of a man’s “evolution”. Among then there is one popular hypothesis according to which the appearance of people with considerably bigger volume of brain is coming. God’s Message clarified this question – the brain structure and volume of all three human formations will stay invariable. This unique biological computer does not require improvement and increasing of abilities at each following formation is achieved only by the degree of using its abilities. Only perfect people will use the whole potential of their brain.

     God's Message gave a clue to many mysteries that were not solved by science. Astronomers have already discovered about two hundred planets in the multitude of star systems and were surprised by strangeness – everywhere bigger planets are located closer to a star and the smaller the planet the farther it is located from a star. It is not so in the Solar system. The clue turned out to be simple – it was created on purpose, some planet destined for Life was planned and the destiny of eternal Luminary was intended to the Sun. To search Life purposefully and sensibly in the Universe you have got to look for star systems with non-standard planet disposition. It is evident that astronomers do not count up to one planet in the Solar system; they know exactly where it should be and can not understand the cause of its absence. God’s Message has also given exhausting explanation to this clue: Earth has been transferred to the closer to the Sun orbit many times and that is why space for these future “maneuvers” was initially released. Earth was some time on the orbit of this missing planet.

     For a long time astronomers have been trying to find distinct explanation for the mystery of “black holes”. As they do not reflect light then some scientists decided that their attractive force is so great that can hold quanta of light. With the help of some not difficult calculations they have concluded that only cosmic bodies of incredible density can have such attractive force. As matter can not stay in this over thickened state they made another false conclusion – they will inevitably explode. This is how the theory of the inevitable death of the Universe was born. The Message clarified this mystery too. “Black holes” are accumulation of the antimatter, which attracts particles of matter including quanta of light and that is why we can not talk about any over density and no universal explosion is coming. These antimatter accumulations are specific “supporting points” of every galaxy, providing the stability of its building and configuration. Long ago astronomers stated that galaxies have absolutely different configuration – some are close to spherical shape, others have pronounced disk shape and they can not understand the reason. God’s Message explained that galaxy configuration is predetermined by the location of “black holes”, to be more concrete by the giant force field created by them. That is why I should disappoint writers-fantasts: intergalactic travels are completely excluded as not only spaceships created by people will not fly out of galaxy boundaries but also any other cosmic bodies, existing in its boundaries, - antimatter accumulations will not let them do it.

   Scientists can not find pronounced explanation to striking precision of Maya calendars which count many millenniums, to unique technologies of ancient builders which are not subjected to modern people, to giant navigation signs at hard-to-reach mountain regions of South America, no one knows who and when t cut them in hard rock at incredibly distant times, to great number of archeological findings having obviously hand-made character but belonging to the periods when there were hundreds thousand and even million years before the appearance of people on earth, to multitudes of other similar evidences of unknown mind in prehistoric times. God’s Message gave the exhausting explanation to it: these are material traces of Prophets’ activity on earth, which they have led for hundreds million years.

      Scientists have exactly stated that the initial earth sphere did not contain oxygen.  The ambitious offspring of an aristocratic family expelled in his youth from the medical faculty for his inability to master sciences and became a naturalist-autodidact, C. Darwin did not know this, and he did not have any notion about genetics and hereditary mechanism that is why he suggested the theory that was extremely far from verity. It is based only on the mystic changeability invented by him and supposedly peculiar to the entire animate world and on false imagination of the animate world in the form of endless mortal fight for survival. Meanwhile there is no changeability in nature as there is no mortal fight for survival, unique African reserve Ngoro-Ngoro demonstrates it visually. Several million years ago flat top of extinct volcano under which there was giant emptiness lowered for several hundred meters and typical representatives of African fauna – lions, antelopes and cheetahs turned out to be in a natural trap. For several million years they have lived happily on the small territory limited by cliffs. But according to the theory of the British “genius” predators must have already eaten all antelopes and then must have died from hunger themselves or become herbivorous. But they live there calmly up to the present time, predators stayed predators and eat antelopes from time to time and even numerical relation of predators and antelopes does not change.

      C. Darwin realized primitivity and farfetchedness of his theory as he could not decide to publish it for twenty two years. No one would learn about it but incredible thing happened – he was sent a book with almost analogous theory for review. By that time the history of science had already had several cases when laws of nature were discovered at the same time by two different researchers which did not suspect of each other’s existence. Then Darwin decided that though intuitively but he also revealed verity and began publication of his theory in the series of eight books to fix his authorship. Oblivion waited for it as well as for many other silly theories but then appeared some mighty forces that found beneficial to announce it verity. They were the most vicious people. The theory of evolution gave the role of Life creator to the blind and faceless force that did not impose restrictions on these people’s behavior and gave them freedom to create any evil – violate, rob, kill. Darwin’s theory was enthusiastically accepted by the ruling elite of British Empire as it gave “scientific” justification to slave-trade, colonial wars, cruel exploitation of the poor by the rich and beast customs in people relations. The logic of this “scientific” justification is cynical to the limit – if in nature the strongest always wins then this “law of nature” acts in human society too that is why the strongest is always right and outside the jurisdiction. As a result C. Darwin was announced a genius and his theory – scientific verity. The calculation justified itself and Britain avoided crafty responsibility for robbing its numerous colonies and so far the robbed capital compounds the base of economic mighty of this country because even in the twenty first century two thirds of Britain’s gross product are formed by financial favors. Darwin’s theory was unanimously supported by ruling elites of other empires which also robbed start capital for current economical power in colonies. It is pointed out in the Message that there is no sin on Darwin – he restricted himself only with publishing his obviously false theory and there is sin on those who used his theory to justify the hardest sinful deeds and on the successors who have been making fools of young generations for the second century using this theory. They wavered faith in our Creator at millions of people and directed biology, medicine and many other sciences to false way. Having come to believe in their monkey origin millions of people believed in impunity of sin, did and do monstrous misdeeds. As a result the twentieth century filled the blackest page in the history of Earth. Sensible scientists have already realized the fallibility of the theory of evolution and exactly they will find undeniable evidences of creating life on Earth by God and will help humanity understand their genuine origin. It is deplorable but we are barbarians and only an intermediate link in the process of the terrestrial civilization growing and it is not in our power to change its course but God gave a possibility to choose purposefully the future of their soul to remain people generations of the modern formation. 

     The true picture of the universe and the process of creating animate world on Earth turned out to be immeasurably more complex than scientists and all humanity imagined it. The second people formation could not reveal it on any inhabited planet, everywhere the Creator did it himself. The history of the second people formation on any planet is a hard way of the deliverance from errors and only the knowledge of the true picture of the universe and their own origin will let our descendants undergo its remain part quickly.

      There are a lot of planetary civilizations but in every separately taken galaxy there may be only several of them and inhabited planets are located so far from each other to exclude completely the transfer of viruses, microbes and bacteria from planet to planet with the spaceships which are launched unadvisedly into the space by the vicious people formation. The fact is that not all live creatures of the Firstborn biosystem settle down on a concrete planet and species compound coincide only at about ninety percent. That is why the virus or bacterium which are absolutely harmless on one planet can be mortally dangerous for the biosystem and humanity of another planet. Thus persistent searching of Life on other planets of the Solar system is absolutely senseless – there is no Life there, there was not it there and there will not be it there. If piloted expedition to Mars will be organized then astronauts will make sure of it personally but it’s a pity that they will risk their lives to check up silly theories. Direct contacts of the representatives of planetary civilizations are completely excluded and that is why numerous books and films about travels to other inhabited planets and star wars, “evidences” of charlatans about “personal meetings” with aliens widely replicated by mass media, materials of “scientific research” about visiting the Earth by alien expeditions and different “predictions” about quick invasion of alien invaders to earth are only gibberish of the ill mind.

      The base for counting a man to be a “wreath of evolution” of animate nature became chronology – as he was the last of live creatures to appear on earth. Then this false suggestion was argued by anatomists which showed that organisms of people and many animals contain a plenty of identical “details”. Later this error was strengthened by geneticists who proved that animals have a number of human genes that is why the opinion that a man inherited his genetics and many anatomic “details” from creatures of animate nature was asserted. In reality it turned out to be vice versa. God at first created the Firstborn man working out thoroughly his genetics and anatomy and only after it started to create the Firstborn biosystem. That is why a lot of his brilliant findings obtained during the process of man creating he used then as “typical details” while creating animate creatures of the Firstborn biosystem. In reality animals inherited a lot from the Firstborn man in anatomic and genetic “building”. If it were not God’s Message scientists would never come to this only correct conclusion.

     K. Tsyolkovsky, the dreamer from Kaluga, decided that the future of humanity consists in inhabiting other planets. But why people should fly away from Earth, why does not it suit them?  Maybe he decided that people will so dirty our planet that it will be impossible to live on it? If we interpret the history of humanity during last centuries we can really come to this sad conclusion. But we can fly nowhere, there are no planets within striking distance that are suitable for life. Scientists that believed in Darwin’s theory can not understand it. As a result at the international space station they lead the scale experiments the aim of which is establishing the possibility of the survival of the simplest species of live creatures in space. These experiments are a compound part of preparing to working out the chimerical “program of transferring Life from Earth to other planet and preparing it to future migration of humanity”. However I hope that the nearest generations of scientists will realize the nonsense of this intention and stop expensive “fundamental” profanation. The readers of this publication will be surprised but perfect people will direct all their efforts to creating really paradisiacal conditions of life on Earth, they will not risk their lives and fly in space and space telecommunicational, navigational and monitoring systems will be created only with the help of unmanned devices. In essence they are created now. Concerning paradisiacal conditions of life I have to amaze the readers one more time – in the life of perfect people there will not be place for not only megapolises and large cities but for any cities as they are. All of them will finish their history during the first centuries of the next millennium. Perfect people will live exceptionally in the patrimonial estates representing paradisiacal corners of nature. Naturally current houses-anthills with their endless breakdowns of engineering systems and quarrels between flat owners will sink into oblivion. As for the skyscrapers which are thought now to be the symbols of nations’ greatness and might, people will stop building them in a couple of centuries. Modern people even do not suspect how many such absurdities surround them but very soon from the objects of pride and admiration they will turn into material evidences of their ancestors’ vicious madness. Not long ago in Italy a grandiose museum of modern world art was built and opened solemnly. But nobody knows yet that very soon it will become the visual evidence of the period of art degradation when humanity viciousness has become incredible.

    Our God has already grown up a lot of planetary civilizations. This process is accomplished according to one and the same “technology”, but on every planet all human formations undergo the same stages of development, even communist experiments take place everywhere, but the difference is in the dynamics and sharpness of some stages. As a result God knows in advance the development of events on every planet. But in his Message it is pointed out that the second formation of people on Earth turned out to be one of the most vicious in the history of the Universe, the most bloody wars took place on our planet, even the communist experiment turned out to be the most bloody.  Thus earth dwellers have absolutely nothing to be proud of and they should be ashamed. The hope is only for the coming generations – may be they will create sensible order in the world and will lead righteous lives and thus they will rehabilitate the previous generations.  

     Thousands of scientists in different countries have been watching into their radio telescopes for a long time hoping to settle the radio signals of extraterrestrial civilizations which, according to their opinions, must get in touch with earth dwellers for sure. I have to disappoint them – the present barbarian formation of people on Earth is not interesting for the extraterrestrial civilization of perfect people, they communicate only with people similar to them and without archaic radio communication. This expensive profanation should be stopped as it will not end with the prospective result. And as for paleontologists and naturalists, they did very necessary work by carrying out thorough inventory of the creatures that lived on Earth formerly and that live on it now. Their findings will be a fine illustration for future textbooks concerning the history of God’s creating of human habitat on Earth and his growing up of human civilization.


     Genetic degradation of nations takes place as a result of losing the necessity of kin continuation, barrenness or lost of ability to produce healthy progeny. The first cause is the consequence of psychics and mind degradation and two others - the consequence of people’s genetics destruction. Humanity has not known this sort of calamity yet.

     People have lived on Earth for thirty nine thousand years, during all this period they found all things necessary for life in animate nature. A human organism is counted only on food, water and drinks of natural origin but turbulent chemistry development has brought a great number of extraneous and extremely dangerous substances in human life. Believing in notorious evolution people decided that it would adapt their organism to a great number of the chemical additions (imitators and taste intensifiers, preservatives, thickeners, colorants, color intensifiers and so on) that are used now in industrial production of food products and drinks, to a plenty of synthetic medicines, to incredible quantity of “chemistry” with which industry, transport and agriculture pollute atmosphere, soil and water sources. They use more than five thousand synthetic taste imitators and in the production of a great number of food products natural ingredients are not used, they are completely replaced by “chemistry”. But human organism could not “adapt” to “chemistry” and as a result – constant increasing of the list of diseases, turbulent growth of sickness rate, more and more waning progeny with the hardest pathologies and deformities. Coming generations will have to give an exhausting answer to the inevitable question: what has become for humanity the development of chemical and pharmaceutical industry – achievement or tragic mistake?

     Modern people have not even realized yet that they themselves gave start to the process of irreversible destruction of their own genetics. As every gene is responsible for either the forming of a concrete “detail” of human organism at the period of embryo germination, its prenatal development and further ageing of a born man or for the functioning of this “detail”. The damage of even one gene at one of the parents will not remain without consequences for their progeny and if hundreds or thousands genes are damaged then they a priori will not be able to produce healthy children. The more genes are damaged the more catastrophic will be the consequences at their children. If it were not God’s Message it is unlikely that humanity would realize this approaching calamity until the process of genetic degeneration entered the irreversible stage. Now there is some time to stop this calamity, otherwise the significant part of humanity will lose the ability to reproduction very soon and the birth of a healthy child will become the rarest exception. At present everybody hopes for medicine and pharmaceutics, huge money is spent on their development, a great number of people are involved in these fields. Pharmacists have found and adjusted mass production of incredible quantity of diverse synthetic drugs, they keep promising to work out miracle- drugs that will relieve people from all diseases. But physicians and pharmacists still don’t even suspect of genetic degeneration and fight only with its consequences but not causes. Surgeons have already learnt a lot, they even can replace many important for life but unviable organs with donor or artificial analogues and that means they can conduct “general overhaul” of an unviable human organism. The surgeons conducting these unique operations are called great by right but for humanity this “general overhaul” is a dead-end way. The most difficult and expensive operations concerning organ transplantation and their replacement by artificial analogues only relieve patients’ sufferings and postpone their death but they do not make them full people because even if they produce progeny, it will have the same pathologies. Scientists still do not know for sure the causes of inborn pathologies, beginning from metabolic disorder, hearing and vision disorders and finishing with disabled heart, liver, kidneys, blood-making and reproductive systems and they fondly consider them as some “mistakes of nature”  and inborn deformities –“ evolution zigzags”. Meanwhile all this is either the result of parents’ genetics damage or the consequence of the genetics disorder of a fetus during the period of its prenatal development. Genetics can be damaged even in the process of delivery. There are all bases to believe that children’s cerebral palsy (CCP) is the consequence of using drugs stimulating delivery by obstetricians. They continue to believe that CCP is some “nature mistake” and nobody pays attention to numerous cases of twins’ birth when one of them is born healthy and the other – with this pathology. The first child is always healthy and to help a weakened woman in childbirth to complete delivery obstetricians inject these stimulators. As a result the second child is born with CCP. Obstetricians’ ignorance of stimulators’ side effects wraps itself with tragedy for a child and his parents. As nobody is going to ban their usage a number of children with CCP will increase.

     Some disable organs can be replaced by donor ones or by their artificial analogues but a number of newborns with psychical disorders and defective mind also grows very quickly and these pathologies are incurable a priori and their carriers will produce progeny with the same pathologies. Children can have many psychical and mind pathologies at the same time and these pathologies have not been classified by medicine yet. In particular so called “untraditional sexual orientation” the carriers of which are numbered in millions is not considered pathology and many people are inclined to consider it some sign of electiveness. In the most “civilized” countries unisexual marriages are registered and it is considered to be the achievement of “democracy”. Many children are born with low mind potential and it isn’t considered pathology either because they are not idiots though they are not able to study at ordinary school. Inclination to mysticism is also related to the number of inborn mind pathologies.  Having this mind a man is easily convinced and inclined to believe in miracles and mystic. Millions of its carriers believe blindly in the ability of “miraculous” cure and that is why a number of dishonest “healers” is increasing. They develop scale rascally business and rob these people promising to relieve them quickly from all diseases. In chase of “miraculous” enrichment millions of these people became victims of the creators of financial pyramids and exactly they are robbed by gaming business. These people are clients of the army of astrologers and fortune-tellers, books and films with mystic plots are counted on them, exactly they become victims of crooks and unbridled advertisement, only they are inclined to hypnosis, leaders of terrorist organizations recruit suicide bombers from people with this form of pathology and crooks form monstrous sects under religious masks, only they imprison themselves in caves waiting for the “doomsday”. But more frightening is the birth of the children which do not know what shame, conscience and sympathy are. Long ago people gave them exactly precise name – degenerates. Degenerates have underdeveloped brain, in which the important department playing the role of “inner break” is absent and as a result they can rob, beat, violate and kill without any remorse, it is impossible to re-educate them. Crooks and swindlers of all colors, serial killers and sexual maniacs, extremely cynical politicians are typical carriers of this pathology of psychics and mind, unfortunately their quantity is constantly increasing and first of all in “civilized” countries including Russia.

     If doctors start leading accounting of all inborn pathology carriers and realize their full statistics they will do three extremely unexpected discoveries. Firstly even now it is very hard to find people without any inborn pathologies. Secondly the dynamics of inborn pathologies of the organism in many countries is such that in visible perspective the major part of newborn children will need “general overhaul” with the replacement of vitally important organs. Thirdly there are significantly more inborn pathologies in the countries which are considered to be the most “civilized” with well-developed medicine and pharmaceutics. And in every country there are more inborn pathologies in large cities and … Продолжение »

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