Alexandr Batalov.  The truth about the origin of Life on Earth, about the past and future of the mankind and about the destiny of every person

(the publication was translated from Russian into English by M. Zimina)


            For more than a century mankind was suggested intentionally that the Life on Earth appeared by itself, developed by means of evolution and people are its “crown”. All this time Neanderthal men were thought to be the direct ancestors of mankind. German geneticists from University after M. Plank decided to obtain scientific evidence of monkey origin of mankind and tried to decode the genome of the Neanderthal man who lived on the Earth 38 thousand years ago. The material for this complicated research they extracted from his bone remains. But the result discouraged the researchers themselves – it turned out that the genome of the Neanderthal man is so different from the human one that the belonging of this species of orthograde primates to people’s occurrence is completely excluded. The theory of the British “genius” eliminates any other ancestor of mankind. German geneticists published their discovery in February2009 and thus stroke through not only the monkey origin of mankind but also Darwin’s theory as a whole since they disproved the finale of the evolution invented by the Briton though only for the sake of this finale he “shaped” his theory. Not for a while yet only few scientists realized that the fundament of biology, medicine and many other sciences turned out to be destroyed at once, the Himalaya Mountains of textbooks and scientific literature turned into literary trash. I can not imagine how biology teachers will disentangle from this situation – to continue demonstrating notorious series of pictures illustrating “the process of turning a monkey into a man” is stupid but there is no other version of the origin of animate nature and mankind in current textbooks. The failure of the evolution theory was inevitable since C. Darwin did not suspect of the existence of genes and of the genetic mechanism of species heredity and that is why he did not know that the nature and anatomic “structure” of any living creature is defined by its genome and any other anatomic changes are completely excluded. The phenomenon of changeability that is supposedly peculiar to all living world and for more than a century having been presented to mankind as a law of nature is just the invention of this British “genius”. The world scientific community will have to reconsider their world perception cardinally and to rise anew “the building” of medicine, biology and other sciences. It is possible to use from old “buildings” only separate “bricks” that are preliminary cleaned from false interpretations. Scientists will have to lead enormous work and a lot of people will have to go through an unthinkable shock when they know about their real origin.

     In reality Life on Earth is having been grown purposefully by the highest mind for about four milliard years and this process has already come into the final phase. This fact is known from the extremely unexpected Message of our real Creator – God. It is delivered by his Messenger – Prophet – in three detailed talks with the earth dweller which has to play a special role in the destiny of mankind. We know the following about God’s earth interlocutor: this is a scientist, in April 2004 he was in his early forties, he is Russian, he is a widower, he brings up a son and he doesn’t get married again not to cause moral harm to the child, he leads healthy mode of life, his health is perfect and he is very handsome.   This fact predetermined increased interest of women including married women to him. Many of them want to have illegitimate children from him. He lives in the European part of Russia and hypothetically he works at an institute of higher education, in 1989 he listened to the course of my exit lectures and that’s why he knows me. A part of this information is in his letter to me, others are in the Message itself. I don’t know the name of this man; he explained in his letter that he hasn’t got any right to name himself. There is the reason of it in the Message. Future generations will reward this man because only due to his greatest scope and even push people have got answers to many important questions. From 1987 till 1991 I was the head of the chair of economics at the institute of refresher training of managers and specialists and I received a lot of applications from different organizations for exit lectures so I travelled through most of regional and big cities of the European part of Russia with two-day and three-day courses of lectures. About fifty thousand people listened to them. It is impossible to remember such quantity of people besides a lot of time passed since that. That is why even if I meet this man I will not recognize him.

      I found the letter addressed to me and hand-written shorthand notes of his talks with the Prophet in my letter-box at the beginning of May 2004. It was said in the letter that I was entrusted to publish the shorthand notes of the talks in a special book and in the Message itself it is said what else the publisher has to do. Being in primary school I believed our teacher’s statements that Life on the Earth appeared by itself, developed according to evolution and that people originated from monkeys. That’s why I began my adult life with these beliefs. But as I got more experienced and competent I gradually came to the conclusion that the theory of evolution learnt at school is far from verity. My own observations of nature pushed me to this conclusion. My own first conclusion was that nature is wonderfully intended for a man and for satisfaction of all his needs. I understood it in early childhood as I was born and brought up in the country and just the gifts of nature saved me from starvation during war and post-war years. If animate nature appeared by itself and developed according to some evolution this result could not be obtained. The second conclusion arose from the first one - it seems as if it is created especially for a man and it is impossible to wait this from the blind evolution. Then I came to the third conclusion – the animate nature is created so harmoniously and reasonably that this colossal system could not be formed occasionally, it could be purposefully created only by some highest mind. But I could not believe this idea up to the end because of one serious thing: if some mind created animate nature so perfectly then why did it create a man so disgusting? I made certain of people’s meanness in my early childhood: my father burnt in the fire of the Second World War and this bloody slaughter could be organized only by incredible rascals. As the complete majority of people I was not especially persistent in my attempts to answer the question about the origin of animate nature and mankind as I believed that it is not directly connected with my life. It was the most profound mistake.

      I started reading the found manuscript with obvious prejudice as I thought that the letter was a practical joke or the gibberish of a madman. But in several minutes my prejudice disappeared and I read it with impatience.  And when I have read that modern human formation is transitional and that it is specially created vicious I have finally got the answer to the question that has been worrying me for a long time. The fact that the manuscript is really the Message of our Creator I understood after the first hurried reading of it – only he could represent the entire picture of preparing people’s habitat on an empty planet and growing terrestrial civilization, uncover the future of the mankind and the genuine essence of the multitude of phenomena of our reality, give exhaustive answers to a great number of questions. I should say that I felt joy that exactly I was entrusted to announce the truth about the origin of animate nature and people to mankind but then my joy was replaced by horrible anxiety. I thought whether I could fulfill this incredible task. I understood at once the tremendous scale and complexity of this mission. In fact I was entrusted to turn over the world perception of all mankind. Although at that moment I could not even imagine how to fulfill this unprecedented task I did not think to refuse from it as I understood at once that all necessary help would be given to me.  It turned out that I was not wrong. I don’t know why I was chosen. May be it happened because I was able to apprehend the Creator’s Message, evaluate its meaning for the mankind and I was given a chance to pray for forgiveness of my sins though I know exactly that I don’t have any heavy sins.

      I wasted all my money that I had saved with difficulty for my old age and at the beginning of August 2005 I published the shorthand record of conversations in the book “God’s Message to the people of Earth”. I will devote the rest of my life to the further fulfillment of this unprecedented task. As the Internet turned into the stinking hole of vice it was categorically forbidden to place in it not only the whole text of the Message but even some extracts from it. That’s why this publication is only a short exposition of the main essence of God’s Message. I am sure that it is enough for sensible readers to realize their genuine origin, destination and sense of their existence. A lot of decades are necessary to carry the book with God’s Message to every person that is why I decided to precipitate this process and to place this publication in Russian and English in public access. Later I will try to place it in the Internet in other widely used languages; in particular its translation into the Chinese language has already been started. I hope that millions of people will read this publication while I am still alive and that at least some part of them will realize their true origin.

      The present formation of people is transitional and at the end of current millennium it will give place to the final one – to the formation of perfect people that will form a unique terrestrial civilization without servants, masters, hired labour, states and boundaries. In reality we are barbarians and we started to name ourselves a civilization untimely, we even managed to count a lot of civilizations on Earth due to our stupidity. The terrestrial civilization is only going to burn. Until this time we even didn’t know our essence. The essence of a man is his soul, this substance is not mythical and it provided a man with mind. From  God’s message people will learn everything about the nature of their mind.  Human brain is a biological computer and his soul is his operational program. The flesh is mortal and the soul is created immortal. After a man’s death his soul gains other flesh but what will it be, when and where it will happen depends only on one thing – how a man lived his life. The souls of righteous people gain the new human flesh on earth and the souls of sinners will at first experience incredibly long and excruciating tortures of retribution for their sins and then they will gain the flesh of primitive men on other planet that is rendered habitable. This unknown truth will be a shock for mankind. A person can purposefully create happy destiny for his soul only knowing since early childhood his genuine origin, destination and sense of living. That is why mankind will have to reconsider cardinally all system of children’s upbringing because so far they have been fostered a completely perverted notion of the world they entered.

       The real picture of the universe is completely different from prevalent people’s beliefs, that is why I have only one application to the readers of this manuscript – to read it attentively without hurry and prejudice. If someone thinks that it doesn’t deserve attention then this fact will not surprise or grieve me – the Most High addressed his Message only to sensible people; exceptionally for such people this publication was written. All the people wishing to study the genuine picture of appearance and development of Life on Earth, past and future of mankind, destiny of every person can read the books mentioned at the end of this book.


The essence of the process of creating people’s habitat on Earth and growing a terrestrial civilization

     Contrary to popular theories of sciologists representing the Universe as chaos and foretelling its inevitable death, it exists and will exist eternally and it has the Lord – it is the Highest Mind. It makes its arrangement purposefully and galaxies are the result of his titanic activity. Galaxies and habitable planets will be created eternally because the Universe is endless. The beliefs of many scientists that our planet is the centre of the Universe are absolute nonsense as infinity can not have it by definition. In the Universe initially there is matter and its antipode – antimatter, exactly from these primary ingredients galaxies are created. Life as a unique phenomenon did not appear in the Universe at once and by itself, its appearance was stipulated by the existence of the Highest Mind itself. Exactly it conceived, thought over carefully and projected animate world brilliantly. It was necessary to work out this grandiose plan because the eternal arrangement of the Universe would lose its sense and turn into Sisyphean toil if it had not realization of the goal which was concrete by its essence, global by its scale and eternal by time. The goal was to create a planetary civilization of the sensible live creatures which will live on planets eternally, make them comfortable and help the Creator to cumulate knowledge. And he “projected” a first-born man. The Creator defined that the sense of his life was love and that is why he created him in two alter egos – a man and a woman with different anatomy, physiology and genetics. It’s paradoxically but even in the 21st century scientists are perplexed why a woman’s genome differs from a man’s genome even more than a monkey’s genome.  Indeed, is it so difficult to understand that they have different destination, essentially different anatomy and physiology and it is predetermined by the difference in genetics. It should be also noted that modern notions of people about love have nothing common with a true love from the capital letter: people often confuse love with common sexual attraction, it passes over very quickly, and true Love is endless and only perfect people can feel it. People hunt for some advertised book, and then they rejoice at an expensive purchase, read it greedily and after it put the book on the bookshelf disappointedly not to take it in hands again. Most of present love stories develop and end in the same way. It seems that nowadays all families are created only on the base of love but two thirds of them break apart during the first years of existence. It means that there was no love at all; it was just its illusion. And it is known that any illusion can disappear without leaving a trace.

      But there is no necessary for people habitat on common planets. He needs food and atmosphere enriched with oxygen, human organism accomplishes metabolism and oxygen is necessary for this process. To add to this a man should protected from mortal radiation from space. The Creator has found a unique way to build the habitat, necessary for people only on specially created planets with similar parameters. He created the project that is grandiose in its scale and complexity – the First-born biosystem that includes millions of diverse live creatures, their destination is creating necessary habitat for people and eternal maintenance of this habitat. The first-born biosystem is the detailed project of the most difficult, all-sufficient, self-regulating, sensible and interconnected system of a great number of different live creatures, divided into flora and fauna. At first the Creator decided to introduce a brutish creature with limited mind on the planet which was being rendered habitable and to grow his final creation there. That is why he made provision for three human formations with different genetics and mind potential in the ultimate variant of the project of the first-born man: primitive men, vicious people and perfect people. The wise Creator also decided to create people with different colours of skin and in different modifications. He decided on four variants of skin colours, we perceive them as races and we perceive them as nations and nationalities in a thousand of modifications of appearance, anatomical, physiological and behavioral peculiarities. This is a brilliant idea of the Creator but only perfect people will understand and appreciate it. The Creator put providently all genes into the organism of the First-born ancestors of the human race. These genes must form the man’s genome of all formations, but some parts of the genes are only in the form of germs. This decision provided a possibility for a genome transformation.

      Primitive people have the brutish look and three genetic vices – aggressiveness, craving for power and coupling. They need aggressiveness to resist animals and to get food, craving for power provides forming of the leaders which are able to join the tribe and craving for coupling predetermines quick reproduction. They are endowed with great strength, endurance, the highest immunity and they are not exposed to illnesses. When this formation settles down, multiplies to a necessary number and fulfills the initial invasion of the planet, a part of germs of supplementary genes livens up, they ripen during several generations and after it they rebuild the genome and the last generation of primitive women gives birth to the babies with new appearance, altered genetics and physiology, higher potential of mind which will produce children of the second formation. The people of this formation have the human look but they are endowed with lowered immunity and a wide variety of genetic vices. But viciousness itself contributes to the fulfillment of the mission by this formation – to multiply and populate the planet, to settle it down as much as possible, to accumulate the maximum of true knowledge about the matter and the material world. Craving for enrichment, pride and vanity are powerful stimulus for invention, scientific discovery, the development of commerce, agricultural and industrial production. People’s genetic viciousness gives rise to the competition, which is the locomotive of human progress. The Creator foresaw that this vicious formation would be able to lead bloody wars, invent and produce more and more mortal weapon that is why he ordered the Originators to keep it under vigilant surveillance during last millenniums. Ufologists are absolutely right saying that the Earth is under rapt observation but they are mistaken suspecting crafty aliens in it.  UFOs are not myths, not aliens’ space ships, not precursors of their fast invasion; these are the Creators toolkit to prevent people from destroying the results of their titanic labour. This toolkit embodies the level of knowledge inaccessible to people, that is why it is invulnerable. If madmen approach the beginning of nuclear war the Creator’s punishment will immediately overtake them and it will be horrible. Although it isn’t uncovered in the Message in detail but we can assume with assurance that all reserves of nuclear weapon and its carriers, undertakings that produce it and the madmen themselves that got ready to start the nuclear war will be destroyed in a moment. I must warn all the rulers obsessed by the idea of the world predominance that they should not try the Creator’s patience as it is not unlimited.

      When the second formation fulfills its mission God will activate the remained germs of supplementary genes, they will ripen during several centuries and the last generation of women will give birth to the babies of the last final formation. Perfect people are deprived of any genetic vices, they have the highest immunity and mind, cardinal physiological differences from their predecessors. They will form the unique planetary civilization. The Creator thought over thoroughly its eternal independent life in peace, welfare and harmony. Then he created the unique Universal communicational net for the communication of planetary civilizations, exchange of knowledge and their integration into the universal brotherhood. This is the Creator’s ingenious project and the way of its realization in general terms.  

     The task of the materialization of these projects turned out to be excessively dimensioned, that is why the Highest Mind created powerful Gods. He shared his Mind and the Highest Knowledge with them and taught them how to materialize their creations. He created Prophets to help Gods. (I ask the readers not to confuse these Gods’ helpers with different “predictors” which are also sometimes illegally named prophets. A concrete God with the team of his helpers creates life on the planet. The creators of animate world and their helpers in their natural appearance don’t have material flesh but they can materialize themselves and even take the human look. Such Christian notion as Trinity – “God –father, God – son, God – saint spirit” in its core corresponds to reality. Gods and Prophets are able to move in the Universe with the speed which is incredible for people and they can accomplish the actions which are not subjected to human mind. Historical science determined for certain that people did not inhabit unbounded expanses of our planet at once. A small group of people went deep into uncultivated territory for several hundreds kilometers and founded an advanced post. And a majestic building appeared in wilderness. It was a temple. Pathfinders brought invisible and weightless substance with themselves. It was knowledge. They knew how to make necessary materials on the spot; they knew the structure of a temple and the ways of its building. There is nothing mystical in God’s power: he operates with the same substance – knowledge but he possesses the Highest Knowledge which is inaccessible to people at present and in future. He knows “the project” of each live creature in detail and he knows how to create it in the flesh and he finds all necessary things for it on the planet.

        But the Creator understood that it would be difficult to materialize his projects even for Gods.  Then he worked out the project of Life’s materialization and put brilliant decision in its base. He worked out the dwarf prototypes of all live creatures subjected to materialization. He lowered intentionally the potential of each gene which determines the creature’s appearance and dimensions. But being materialized in a dwarf scale a live creature can gain given dimensions and appearance gradually because genes are able to take a full potential with time. A dwarf elephant did not exceed a mouse’s dimension and a dwarf whale was not larger than an aquarian fish. This decision made the Creators’ task easier but it did not solve it cardinally – they have to create millions of different creatures in the flesh though in a dwarf scale. Another brilliant God’s finding became cardinal decision – natural interbreeding. He created live creatures according to one rule. The nature of any live creature, its destination, appearance, the structure of its flesh and its functioning are determined by the genes which compound a creature’s genome in the aggregate. Different species of creatures differ in the set of genomes. But the same set of genes can give a lot of combinations. Live creatures having the same set of genes form a family of the same species but in all multitudes of combinations. The identical set of genes is their common feature and differences in their destination, appearance, structure and functioning of the flesh are predetermined only by the combination of genes. In a dwarf scale all modifications of plants and animals of each family are reduced to the identical scale and have compatible reproductive organs. The method of natural interbreeding diminished considerably the scale of the Creator’s work. It was enough for him to create in the flesh the dwarf prototypes of extreme modifications of plants and animals in the family, grow them and a lot of other modifications of every family would arise on the planet in the result of cross interbreeding. They are created on several farms. Prophets control cross interbreeding and the process of obtaining other modifications and they settle obtained modifications in hundreds and thousands of new nurseries. Then a long-term period of their ripening and settling on the planet comes. The potential of plants’ and animals’ genes accumulates from generation to generation and they gradually get ultimate appearance and dimensions; at the same time their reproductive organs change so greatly that they lose compatibility and natural interbreeding of the specimen of different modifications becomes impossible.

     All First-born biosystem is created according to the principle: from simple to complicated. That is how it materializes. God creates each live creature from the “building” material prepared in advance. The first creature created by God on an inhabited planet is a special bacterium able to intensive multiplication. The Creator synthesizes microscopic volume of ‘’building material” necessary for creating some specimens from the planet’s matter. After multiplication this bacterium serves as ‘’building material” for the creation of other bacteria and those for the creation of the following, more complicated creatures. The Creator materializes all following families of the first-born biosystem in successive steps using every predecessor as “building material”. The process of creating a live creature is not subjected to human mind that is why a man will never create even the simplest creature.

     Orthograde monkeys are not ancestors of the mankind but they have some relation to man’s creating.  Australopithecuses, pithecanthropuses and Neanderthal men are not an evolutionary chain, they are absolutely different species of orthgrade primates with different genetics and their period of existence was assigned in advance that is why they disappeared after their mission was fulfilled. This is a nursery for growing the “building material” to create a man. Every species of this group serves as the “building material” for the next and the anatomy and genetics of every subsequent one is closer to a man. Neanderthal men are the ultimate “building material” from which God created the first people on the earth. These people became the ancestors of the mankind. 

     The first-born biosystem includes three groups of live creatures and every group solves its own task. It is sufficient because it creates for itself its own habitat on the habitable planet, produces all necessary food for its live creatures, reproduces itself, utilizes waste products of its vital function and regenerates the habitat. The sources of food for every live creature are either other live creatures or products of their vital function or the matter of the planet or the combination of these components. Due to the ability of live creatures to extended reproduction there is quick growth of the biosystem at the stage of rendering the planet habitable and the existence of safe mechanisms of self regulation provides its stability during the process of achieving optimal scale. Each live creature has strictly defined and permanent destination and place in the biosystem otherwise it can disbalance itself and lose the global functions defined by the Creator.  Thus the theory of evolution invented by Darwin does not exist, more than that it is absolutely contraindicative. The scientists are going to realize it. The self-regulation of the biosystem consists in the fact that is able to adapt itself quickly to altered conditions of existence. The Creator provided every live creature with such mechanism of adaptation. But it has clear boundaries and beyond these boundaries a live creature will inevitably die. The mechanism of adaptation leads neither to transformation of one species of creatures into another nor to the change of its genetics. But no creature could settle down and live on the planet without it.

     But the main mechanism of self-regulation is natural selection, people cognized truth after discovering it but at Darwin’s suggestion they interpreted it wrongly. Natural selection is not a law of nature but the multilayer mechanism of self-regulation designed brilliantly by the Creator. It solves simple but extremely important task – it culls pitiless nonviable specimens excluding their multiplication entirely as they are able to produce only nonviable progeny. The main mechanism of natural selection is an infectious one and the auxiliary mechanisms are selection process in food chains (where weak specimens become food for their natural enemies) and sexual selection (in nature females of each species, in contrast to modern women, choose thoroughly the healthiest male for the continuation of genus.  To carry out the infectious mechanism of natural selection the Creator invented a lot of viruses, microbes, bacteria and their carriers which lead continuous natural inoculation in nature. Infecting a creature they make its organism produce antidote, the Creator endowed every creature with this ability but he arranged it so only healthy and strong organism can produce antidote. That is why weak from birth, wounded or old specimens are not able to do it and die from infection. C. Darwin observed mechanism of natural selection only in food chains and he did not suspect of the existence of two other mechanisms that is why he reduced the essence of natural selection to a profoundly erroneous formula – in nature the strongest one always wins. In reality the essence of natural selection consists in the fact that in nature only absolutely healthy specimens live till reproductive age and sire. Only they are able to produce absolutely healthy progeny – this verity should be perceived not only by scientists but by the entire mankind as it extends completely on the process of human race reproduction. And Darwin did not understand the fact that the mechanism of natural selection in food chains has double action – an old or weak specimen is not able to run down its potential victim and dies of hunger, thus every species leads rejection of its strong natural enemies that is why in nature the primordially weakest win. Natural selection is a very cruel mechanism but only it provides vital capacity of every species of live creatures and eternal existence of live nature. Biologists are only going to perceive this verity.

      The Creator endowed every live creature with first-born heritable knowledge and the more complex the creature the wider the volume of knowledge. Their genus language of communication is among them. The Creator endowed every creature having brain with intellect and the higher the level of an animal the more his intellect’s potential. The animals created especially to help a man and which are intended for domestication are endowed with the biggest intellect potential. That is why it was possible that these animals are able to understand a man and feel attachment and devotion to him. Attachment means a need to live in the company of a man and devotion means willingness to serve him. A dog is not able to betray and it prefers to die but it does not leave her master in trouble. It is possible to domesticate only those animals which are created for it. An animal perceives the world sensibly, it is able to accumulate knowledge, be taught and teach its progeny. All this is impossible without intellect. Those people who constantly communicate with animals understand it perfectly but unfortunately biologists can not perceive this simplest verity. The occurrence of intellect let many animals adapt to unnatural environment of big cities and biologists due to their stupidity interpreted this fact as a new turn of evolution. Persistent negation of animals’ intellect by biologists has already taken the form of idiocy.  

     People mastered interbreeding and bred a lot of cultural sorts of animals and plants with the help of the Prophets. But present selectionists are all abroad believing that they have become proficient in the method of the total perfection of animate nature. Any cultural sort is always less viable than its natural ancestors and the farther it is from them the bigger is the difference. Industrial production of cultural plants and animals turned off the mechanism of natural selection and that is why mass epidemics become possible at such enterprises. Today’s cultural breeds of hens, geese, ducks, turkeys, pigs and other animals are more productive but their genetics is so different from their ancestors’ one that they have limited immunity. In nature the virus of bird flu affects only weak from birth, ill and old wild birds but it has become mortal for all cultural brides. The virus of swine flu is harmless for wild boars but it is mortal for cultural brides of pigs. It is impossible to solve this problem by hardening sanitary regime or by creating vaccines – this is a dead-end way. There is only one way out – it is necessary to approximate the genetics of cultural brides of animals to their ancestors’ one for them to recover an ability to work out antidote to resist infections but at the same time they’ve got to sacrifice the essential part of achieved productivity. If it is not done in time then industrial aviculture and animal husbandry will sink into oblivion.

     Our God started to create Life on the Earth three milliard eight hundred million years ago. There was a lot of water on the tenantless planet which hadn’t cooled yet by that time but the atmosphere did not contain oxygen and consisted of carbon dioxide mainly. That is why God’s first-priority and main task was to create oxygen-containing atmosphere. The first creature established on the earth was cyanella (as scientists called it). The uniqueness of this bacterium is that it uses only planet’s matter for food and can live in anoxic environment and it is endowed with the mechanism of photosynthesis by the Creator. The creator synthesized microscopic volume of organic substance from chemical elements to create several cyanellas. They began to multiply quickly and became the only earth tenants for million years. Cyanella like a match set the eternal fire of Life on our planet. These bacteria gave rise to biochemical processes in the planet’s surface layer, it began to enrich itself with microelements and oxygen started to evolve into the primary atmosphere of Earth. The oxygen flow increased and the moment when it became enough for other bacteria came. Cyanellas worked out the organic substance that served as “building material” for creating other bacteria and “nutritive base” for them. The bacteria able to remove the excess of unwanted admixtures (nitrogen, iron, sulfur, etc.) were the second tenants. All the following process is divided into stages with distinct time limits. Materialization of all consequent creatures fulfilled according to the following principle – from the simplest to more complex and each more complex family created when its predecessor worked out “building material” for its creation and accumulated necessary volume of organic substance for its nutrition. That is why the process of creating every following family was fulfilled during the growth of food chains. After its creation it took time for its multiplication that is for preparing “nutritive base” for the next component in the food chain. At certain stage materialization of dwarf pioneer plants started. The Creator endowed them with the unique mechanism of photosynthesis. It was a qualitatively new stage. If cyanellas only saturate the first atmosphere of the planet with oxygen then pioneer vegetation formed natural “plant” of processing carbon dioxide into oxygen and ozone because it was present at the atmosphere in extremely excess quantity. As far as pioneer vegetation spread on the planet rates of processing carbon dioxide uninterruptedly grew.  At the next stage microorganisms and pioneer animals able to process obsolete pioneer vegetation were created. They gave rise to forming fertile soil layer and that led to essential increase of the power of the natural “plant” that processed carbon dioxide. After it there was a long period of development and full-scale functioning of pioneer flora and fauna and fulfilling of their mission. It completed about eight hundred million years ago.

      Pioneer flora and fauna worked out “building material” for creating the second group of live creatures – intermediate flora and fauna. They were live creatures of higher level. By that time gas compound of atmosphere had changed essentially, it had a significant part of oxygen and ozone and the part of carbon dioxide lowered essentially. This led to weakening of greenhouse effect and the climate on earth became more severe. It was unacceptable for the second group of live creatures that is why the Creator with the help of relatively small asteroid transferred our planet in the orbit closer to the sun. Its central collision with the earth let it correct the earth’s orbit and the necessary climate was provided. After establishing anew orbit of the earth eight hundred million years age God started creating intermediate vegetation. It was a family of tall fast-growing plants with the powerful mechanism of photosynthesis. They formed a mighty natural “plant” of photosynthesis and continued rapid preparing of the atmosphere for a terrestrial biosystem. Then God created a family of the birds which ate plant fetuses and carried plant seeds in their stomachs for large distances fulfilling sowing of the planet with intermediate vegetation. When it spread on earth God started to create a family of intermediate animals step-by-step. They were skeletal animals. This process started about six hundred million years ago. At its terminal stage the largest animals of intermediate ones appeared. They were dinosaurs. Scientists will be surprised but the only destination of these giants is to be walking factories of manure, all their anatomy is arranged only for this goal. As the surface layer of the planet was extremely meager the Creator found a surprisingly simple way of scale production of the most effective and ecologically clean fertilizer. A family of these animals included several modifications of different dimensions and formed a giant natural “plant” of processing overripe vegetation into organic fertilizer. Then there was a long period of the intermediate flora’s and fauna’s development and full-scale functioning, it finished about seventy five million years ago. By that time the earth atmosphere had been completely saturated with oxygen and relieved from excess carbon dioxide, it had gained protective ozone screen. Intermediate live creatures completed their mission. They are incompatible with the live creatures of the third group that is why it was necessary to destroy their last generation. The climate of that time did not fit the live creatures of the future earth biosystem and it was essential to transfer our planet in the orbit closer to the sun again. 

     That time a very large asteroid was used and its collision with the earth was tangent. The asteroid kinetic energy was so large that after the collision with the earth it overcame the earth’s attractive force and broke away into cosmic space again. This thoroughly planned cosmic cataclysm led to giant breaking of the earth’s crust. The fire lava of its core escaped outside from these breakings together with the chains of new volcanoes and giant shifts of the earth’s crust took place. As a result the configuration of the earth’s body changed essentially, its centre of gravity removed and the shift of poles took place. Vigorous earthquakes began to shake the earth. All this caused the overflow of ancient seas. Giant flows of water destroyed the essential part of the intermediate flora and fauna. Volcanoes ejected a large quantity of ash into the atmosphere in addition to incredible quantity of dust ejected from the huge furrow plowed by the asteroid on the earth’s surface. As a result the earth turned out to be concealed by the thick curtain of dust and ash. The result of this cataclysm was ubiquitous long-term winter.  The planet’s global sterilization was conducted this way. Due to the atmosphere’s clearing the earth’s surface began to get warmed, glaciers began to melt, their movement started and the overflow of huge water masses continued. As a result seas and oceans formed in the boundaries close to present ones, river beds close to present ones formed, the ultimate earth’s rotation axis was settled,  today’s geomagnetic poles fixed and the earth became suitable for life of the live creatures of the third group which had to form the ultimate planetary biosystem. The live creatures of the third group were created according to the same scheme as the previous ones. Then there was a period of the development of today’s terrestrial biosystem to the full scale. Biologists grouped families of live creatures according to the similarity of their look by mistakenly, they should take into account only their genetics and then it will turn out that in reality there are less families and their composition is different.

     In contrast to pioneer and intermediate  creatures most of live creatures of the third group are endowed by the Creator with a special function – to carry good to people: warm the soul, gladden the look, delight the man’s hearing and smell. He made animate nature multicolored especially for us; he filled it with polyphony and unique fragrances, he specially created the plants and animals which produce abundance of delicacies for us. The earth biosphere in its present look finished to create people’s habitat and to be more concrete: our planet’s atmosphere acquired necessary volume, density and gas structure, vegetation became able to fulfill its full-scale regeneration; the biosystem due to utilizing its waste products created fertile soil layer on the planet’s surface for agriculture and became able to grow it; all necessary reserves of sweet water are created in numerous rivers and lakes where people can find a lot of esculent species of fish and other live creatures; many species of esculent plants grow on the planet in abundance: first-born cereals and vegetables, berry herbs and bushes, fruit trees; there are many species of trees which can be used by a man to build his dwellings, to make things of every-day life and for other purposes; on the planet there are innumerable animal herds, their meat can be eaten by a man, fells and bones can be used for making clothes and footwear, things of every-day life, implements and hunting tools; on the planet there are a lot of animals which are specially created to help people and can be easily domesticated; in the mountains there are a lot of caves which were used as dwellings by the first people. Animate nature is the result of incredibly long and complicated deeds of the Creator; it is our obligatory and indispensable companion, our bread-winner, scientists and the entire humanity are only going to perceive this simple verity. Purposeful and brilliantly designed process of preparing people’s habitat on the earth took about three milliard eight hundred million years. Only an idiot could think that it had happened “by itself” and such “especially gifted” people have been replicating this idea in books for the second century and they tell about it from university chair every day. Scientists are only going to understand that every prehistoric live creature solved a concrete task and they all were aimed at solving one global problem – to create the people’s habitat on the initially tenantless planet. If there was not God’s Message scientists would never consider the history of Life’s development on earth from this point of view. The popular statement of present biologists with scientific degrees and ranks that live creatures appeared on earth as a result of some accidental “evolution zigzags” and then fought for their place in the biosystem is totally ludicrous. There is nothing accidental in animate nature. Biology will stay only a craft but not a science until biologists understand it and define the destination of every creature. It is difficult to say when it will happen.

     Thirty nine years ago our Creator started to materialize first dwarf earthlings.  The project of the first-born man provided four people families which differed according to their skin colour. Their creating in flesh was fulfilled at four separate continental nurseries, at places the most suitable for living. That is why scientists are all abroad regarding Africa as the motherland of all nations. God used “the building material” worked out by Neanderthal men and created four dwarf specimens of men and women of extreme modifications of every family in each nursery. Their height was not more than half a meter. Probably biblical Adam and Eve were really the first people on Earth but after them seven similar pairs were created. The real history of the humanity started from these eight pairs of dwarf earthlings. It is shorter than scientists believe. Prophets controlled the process of cross interbreeding and growing of new modifications. Then they transferred two heterosexual pairs of extreme modifications of local groups of every family to new places and created a lot of the local nurseries where people modifications of related language groups appeared with the help of cross interbreeding. Finally nine hundred ninety two people modifications appeared on earth. Then Prophets settled these modifications apart so that every one could live autonomously for a long time without any contacts with others. The period of “ripening” of every human modification to the ultimate look was not long – only five or seven generations. During “ripening” every modification acquired the look prescribed by the Creator that is why nations appeared. They were significantly different in their appearance and even height. The Creator foresaw the compatibility of their reproductive organs in the ultimate format otherwise the reproduction of progeny at mixed pairs would be impossible. The process of creating a man by God has principled difference: he had to come through two transformations on earth and every one had to be entailed by the change of the genome. There was no change of the genome at any live creatures of the biosystem neither in the process of “ripening” nor after the change of the genome. But the main difference is that a man has a soul and they were brought from other planet. Human soul is the Creator’s brilliant invention; it is weightless, impalpable and invisible. Science rejected human soul as it could not discover it and people guessed about it intuitively but they were mistaken thinking that flesh was our essence. Soul is the human essence and flesh is only its material cover, its tool for perceiving the world and fulfilling the commands of the soul. Soul and mind make human personality. There is no need to explain what personality can be formed by mean soul and defective mind that is why we should not be surprised at unbelievable quantity of rascals in all classes. A human genome is a specific “building organization” as exactly genomes “build” a human organism during the period of prenatal development and the following ageing of a born man. But the human genome is at the same time the “project documentation” due to which a fetus is conceived in a woman’s womb and due to which it will necessarily acquire the human look. But if God does not endow this fetus with soul a born man will not acquire mind – he will be an idiot. Soul endowed a man with mind and its role can be compared with an operational program of a hand-made computer – without soul it will stay a pile of metal and plastics. Scientists do not contest the presence of an operational program at a hand-made computer though it is also impossible to touch it but they reject categorically the presence of soul at a man, they do not understand that human brain is a unique biological computer and it can not function without an operational program. But unlike an operational program of a hand-made computer soul can feel – suffer, love, perceive grace and torments of payment for sins. People were mistaken believing that a man loves by its heart, his soul feels love. Despite a lot of undeniable evidences scientists reject the presence of mind at animals because of their silly pride otherwise animals should be put into one line with people. But the Message explained that there is no need to do it: intellect and mind are categories of abilities of absolutely different level; scientists are only going to realize it. Only mind can create and constitute and intellect is able only for sensible perception of the world and for a limited set of sensible actions. Soul is created eternal; it is indivisible and marks its flesh. Rigorously individual drawing of fingertips’ surface and of eye’s iris are a material code of his soul. A man gets his soul in his mother’s womb at the third month of fetus development in order to acquire these strictly individual distinctive marks of flesh. Even now scientists can not understand how and why human flesh gets these marks and now they have got a solution of this phenomenon. Children inherit their parents’ genetics and biology; sometimes they even copy completely the look of one of them but they do not receive a part of their parents’ soul, everyone has its own soul, this fact explains some widespread cases when there are cool and even hostile relationships between children and parents, brothers and sisters. In these cases souls of children and parents, brothers and sisters are so different that their compatibility is entirely excluded and the only way out is full cease of any contacts. If it is not done in time tragic outcome is inevitable. People have got a valuable prompt and can avoid such tragedies which are not rare.

     People are mistaken thinking that Hell will be in some other world. It is in a real world and souls of sinners from other planets condemned to eternal life or purification in Hell came through the circles of earth Hell in primitive men’s flesh. At first these souls experienced incredibly long and hard torments out of flesh and then they gained the flesh of primitive men on earth. About two hundred thousands of first primitive men got the souls of the sinners from other planets which were condemned to eternal life in Hell. And the following increase got the souls of the sinners from other planets which were condemned only to the purification in Hell. After a primitive man died his soul left his dead flesh and the Creator endowed a fetus in the womb of other primitive woman with it. The soul regenerated in new flesh to come through the next circle of Hell. Every primitive woman had some first-born knowledge concerning coupling, child-bearing, child birth and his nutrition, his nursing and up-bringing. Every primitive man had first-born inherited knowledge about coupling, arrangement of a primitive dwelling, food gaining, making implements, primitive clothes and footwear. Primitive men possessed a first-born language of their modification from birth and knew what plants, fruit and animals were esculent. Without this first-born inherited knowledge endowed by the Creator primitive men could not survive on the planet and multiply. Scientists are only going to realize this simplest verity. A heterosexual couple provided themselves with children intensively and a tribe appeared. As far as a number of tribe members increased relative tribes separated from it, they went away from the main tribe at significant distances and founded their own zone of possession. The long-term period of autonomous development of every separated tribe led to the fact that the first-born language gained new words and notions peculiar only to this tribe.   Dialects appeared this way. The formation of primitive people increased their number and existed on earth twenty one thousand years. Their ultimate number was initially assigned by God according to the quantity of the souls of the aliens condemned to eternal life or to purification in Hell. At some stages Prophets in the human look multiply lived in the tribes of primitive men and helped them master ways of fire gaining and maintaining, methods of collective hunting and fishing, helped them domesticate some animals, taught how to make things of every-day life, implements for hunting and fishing. All things necessary for life primitive people found exceptionally in animate nature. They would not survive if the Creator had not given it the role of people’s bread-winner, if he had not endowed these people with inherited knowledge concerning the usage of its gifts. Only due to the mind given by the Creator a primitive man was able to study the material world and accumulate knowledge otherwise he did not differ from Neanderthal men. Then there were a lot of millenniums of the hardest (really hellish) life of primitive people on the uncomfortable planet which was shaken by earthquakes, flooded by fire lava and inhabited by bloodthirsty beasts. Terrestrial hell lasted twenty one thousand years. In God’s Message it is said that after coming through the hardest Hell circles soul gains stable resistance to sin and it will never stumble again. Readers will be surprised but the main part of today’s earth righteous men has the souls which came through purification at the Hell circles. That is why Hell is worth conceiving – this “forge” straightens even the most distorted souls with the total-lot guarantee. Those who have some doubt will personally certain of it. The souls condemned to eternal life in Hell after coming through the Hell circles on one planet are transferred to the next planet which is being settled down and everything repeats there again – this is their eternal destiny. A lot of earthlings will make sure of it themselves.

     The people of the second formation have inhabited the earth for the nineteenth thousand years. The essence of the primitive men’s transformation into today’s formation was in the fact that God activated a part of embryos of supplementary genes in their organism, they developed for seven centuries and the last generation of primitive women gave birth to children with a new genome and appearance. The supplementary genes extended the abilities of these people in contrast to primitive ones and due to them the people of the second formation gained ability to creative activity; it predetermined spasmodic growth of their skills. But they have decreased immunity, became more vicious and lost the mechanism of the inheritance of the first-born knowledge, that is why we have to train our children in everything – from their native language to relieving themselves. A man of the second formation became able to study the environment purposefully, accumulate new knowledge intensively, invent and create. The first human generation of this formation got the souls of the sinners from other planets that had come through the purification in earth Hell and all their further growth was endowed with anew created souls. In the flesh of the people of the second formation souls undergo the circles of vice. There souls undergo a severe trial by power and lawlessness, wealth and poverty, fame and obscurity, beauty and deformity, health and weakness, high intellect and its lameness.  God creates pure souls but they are exposed to the influence of vicious flesh and Devil’s temptations which is the creation of antimatter.  Only this can explain turning of some nice children into cruel beasts after some time. Peop… Продолжение »

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